Chelyabinsk bloggers reported chlorine leak

Chelyabinsk bloggers authorities deny the information about the situation in the city, where the day before there was a loss of bromine.
Chelyabinsk residents reported that the city spilled toxic chlorine instead of bromine.

In the Leninsky district of Chelyabinsk, where 1 September leaked chemical disclose details Ltd.: blogger under the name Eva told that about 50 people were taken to hospital with poisoning.

Another blogger "professional chemist" stated that the Office of Civil Defense, she was told about the leak of chlorine in the Soviet area of Chelyabinsk and it does not give any recommendations.

Users are seen on the streets of Chelyabinsk many people in masks, it was felt the sharp smell of chlorine. People complained of feeling unwell, headache, watery eyes.

Maya wrote: "A terrible sight: going to a caustic, smelly fog, and you meet people in masks. Tears, coughing and throat tickle." Some bloggers have also reported evidence of mass death of birds and animals, RBC reports.
Chlorine — a poisonous gas yellowish-green color with a pungent odor. When injected into the lungs causes lung burns, suffocation. Bromine — toxic liquid, red-brown color with a pungent, irritating odor, smoke in the air. Dangerous to life and health only by direct contact with the skin. reported that according to the official version, the morning of September 1 at the railway station Chelyabinsk-Main leaked bromine. In one of the wrecked cars of freight of 8.10 five-liter glass jars with liquid bromine. Only such unit in the car was more than two thousand According to the Investigation Committee of the Russian Federation, as a result there was a loss of about 24 liters of the toxic substance.
MOE in the evening informed that the leak of bromine dissolved: the composition was taken to the train station in a designated area away from the city. In fact the incident is a criminal case.

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