Chelyabinsk meteorite. Which object could not leave white trail and where did he go?

I offer you to get acquainted with another version of the events that unfolded around Chelyabinsk. Very interesting Analysts say the weekly "Independent Military Review", Viktor Myasnikov, who expressed his opinion and his friend Meteor Society president Andrew Kirillovitch Stanyukovicha, which object could hide under a riddle: Chelyabinsk meteorite and why it can not detect?

The attack of the state of flatulence, weighed down by the mass hysteria and a thirst for compensation was the main theme of the day. Everybody wants to cash. Some are cut and run to the emergency room, others require help in the SAI that their cars have broken shards. The plant wall collapsed rotten — bosses, I suppose, delighted that they have had no demand.

Emergency hum — 20 thousand people participate in search and rescue operations. MIA has taken under heavy guard important facilities. Chelyabinsk Governor gaining ground, speaking and promising social benefits to victims. The number of victims is increasing rapidly. Pupils and students to evacuate! Those joyfully ran from house to house, I suppose, and not knowing that become parties to the rescue operation.

Especially touched by an iron gate, mangled by shrapnel. Shard probably already have taken another gate to compensation nominate. And for good reason! In the international market certified meteorite is worth $ 1 per gram. Especially rare are sold at successful bid price.

Authorities soothe people about radiation, meteorites which do not suffer, and comments given by people not related to the research of meteorites.

But I'm not too lazy to call his old friend Meteor Society president Andrew Kirillovich Stanyukovicha. I caught him at the exit of the subway. He is now busy with the business and saw only two videos. And he was struck by the same thing as me — white vapor trail, as after a jet airplane. Such a trace occurs at altitudes of about ten kilometers further to the space where the water vapor contained in the exhaust gases, instantly freeze and form an elongated cloud of minute ice dust. First, it is thick, and then is conveyed and deflate air currents.

Meteorites do not contain water. They are iron, much less — the stone. Bumping into the upper atmosphere, are heated. The surface layer is heated to a plasma state. And the trail of a meteorite cools forming microscopic particles of meteoritic material. They form a dark trail, poorly visible during the day. But in the dark for some time he lights up, cooling down.

If we recall how fell station "Mir" and "shuttles", there was a white trail just due to burning of fuel, water supplies, etc. So one of the most credible versions may fall artificial celestial body — stage rocket with the remains of fuel, for example. In this case, there is a chance to find some debris, most likely by accident. Because the field of fall can last for hundreds of kilometers. If this is the wreckage of a dense layer, flying at an angle to the ground, gradually slowed down and cool off. And fall on the surface barely warm, leaving large craters and destruction. That's right, right on the surface, are the remains of "shuttles" and different spacecraft. Always!

Another thing — the icy comet. A typical case — the Tunguska meteorite. Comet consists of ice and dust. Therefore, white contrail water footprint is required. Then the ice block explodes, as the Tunguska. And, more than anything. No trace. At the Stony Tunguska comet exploded core mass of tens of tons, had entered the atmosphere with cosmic speed and not had time to evaporate from the surface of the earth. That blew up by 2.5 megatons.

Chelyabinsk case in this regard lightweight — just a bit comet fragment. And when it becomes clear to everyone who seeks compensation for damages from meteoritic fragments pometut pissing broom.



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