Chestnuts confused autumn and spring due to warming


06/10/11. — In the 50 years never seen chestnuts bloom in October. In nature, things turned upside down, it's something bad, — says ternopolyanka 72-year old Maria Shavarina.

For her house, in the center on the street. Russian, in late September bloom chestnuts. Inflorescences densely blossomed on the upper branches of some trees. Near grown young foliage.

— Looks good, but in reality for the plant re-bloom very harmful — says 41-year-old Ruslan Yavorivsky, Assistant Professor of Botany Ternopil Pedagogical University. — Fruits not have time to mature before frost. After a few weeks of color die. Energy that the tree should have been saved until spring, it used.

Said re-flowering little studied. Perhaps the trees bloom again because of global warming.

— Under conditions of normal growth of the plant must now prepare for the winter. They slow the juice, leaves fall. And here suddenly because of unusually high temperature wood does not understand what happened. Think it is spring, so produces color. But even in countries with warmer climates chestnut blooms once. So most likely it is dissolved in the Ukraine in the autumn because the moth, which destroys the leaves in summer.

Butterfly moth spread in Ukraine about 10 years ago. It was brought from Europe. Insect breeds on the leaves of chestnut trees. Because of moths they turn yellow and fall off in the summer.

— For plant defoliation — stress. To compensate, the tree produces a second color. So it aims to complete the cycle. Repeat flowering constantly depletes trees, shortens their age. Under normal circumstances, the chestnuts grow 200 years.

Lilac blooms in the outskirts Dikanka

First chestnuts bloom in autumn 2004, in Kiev. This year the trees have blossomed in the metropolitan area near the store Darnitsa "Cosmo." For several years the autumn blooming chestnuts in the streets of White Church in Kyiv region. On the outskirts of the village in the Poltava Dikanka lilac blooms.

— Coppice is pink, smells like spring, — says Irina poltavchanka Stets, 38 years. She had come to visit relatives. — They say that in the past year were in bloom only a few bushes. Now — the majority.

Lilac grove area — about 2 hectares. There are growing more than a hundred varieties.

Andrew Azarov


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