Chill and rain will continue in European Russia by the end of the week

 The gradual decrease of temperature and rain expected in the second half of the week throughout the European part of Russia, said the Russian Hydrometeorological Center.

Physical inactivity and high cyclone gradually filling, on Thursday will slowly move to the middle lane to the east, pulling zone rainy weather. By Sunday, "the first time we have felt all season irreversible change", say meteorologists, and the temperature background in much of European Russia is close to normal.

"In the north of European Russia end of the working week to coincide with the completion of a period of warm summer weather. Saturday in the rear of the cyclone, which will move to the east on the area of the Arctic seas to the continent begins to penetrate the cold air from the Arctic Ocean Basin," — said the meteorologist.

According to weather forecasts, the Murmansk and Arkhangelsk in the north temperatures drop to 9-14 degrees Celsius, will be preceded by cooling band frontal rains with gusty north wind. In Komi possible night frosts to minus 2 degrees. On Sunday, atmospheric front down to the southern regions of Karelia and Vologda region, where after 18-23 degrees to 13-18 degrees colder. In areas of the north-western district of short rains will be at a temperature of 19-24, the weekend of 2-3 degrees cooler.

"High cyclone will continue to determine the unstable weather in the center of European Russia (CFD) — rain will go almost every day, short-term, small or moderate. Only on Sunday, due to spread from the west of the anticyclone, their probability is small. Expected slight variations in temperature in the range values of 18 to 25 degrees, "- noted experts meteorologist.

The Volga hot weather with temperatures up to 29-34 degrees to continue until Thursday — Friday atmospheric front of the familiar cyclone will drive away the heat wave in the south-east. Following the storm rainfall will penetrate more fresh air mass, thermometer readings will drop by 5-7 degrees, write forecasters.

"The recession continues and the heat in the south of European Russia. On the eve of the air is heated to 30-35 degrees, and in the Astrakhan region to 40 degrees, the output is expected plus 25-30. Weather in the southern districts of unstable — with thunder showers, sometimes with hail and squalls. despite the rain, to much of the region still remains high fire danger, "- said the weather center.

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