China has reduced the speed of trains


10.08.11.Gossovet China ordered Wednesday to perform safety checks on all high-speed railways of the country and reduce the speed of high-speed trains at 40-50 miles per hour compared to the design features, the Xinhua agency reported Minister of Railways of China Sheng Guangji.

"As for the speed on highways where construction provides speeds up to 350 kilometers per hour, it will be 300 km on highways with a speed of 250 kilometers per hour — 200 kilometers on highways with a speed of 200 kilometers per hour — 160 kilometers," — Guangji said, RIA "Novosti".

In April, China has announced a temporary reduction of its rate of high-speed trains, but then only concerned the reduction of most highways. In addition, the density will be reduced graphics high-speed trains, which will then gradually increase again, as the commissioning of new equipment.

Sheng Guangji bound to take measures need to "learn" from China's first high-speed train crash, which occurred near the city of Wenzhou (Zhejiang Province) on 23 July. Then a collision free high-speed trains killed 40, injured more than 190 people. According to preliminary investigation, the accident was the main cause of malfunction alarm system, did not react to the closure of one of the trains from lightning.

The disaster caused a wave of security checks produced in China equipment for high-speed railways and has already led to the removal of failed samples from production of railway equipment. According to the financial portal "Tsaysin", producer of high-speed trains CNR announced the discontinuation of production of high-speed train models CNR380BL.

The reason for this move was unreliable their onboard electronics, often served false alarms about the threat of a collision, which led to an automatic braking.

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