Chupacabra in Chernigov. Video


12.10.11.V night from 10th to 11th October at the farm on Green Street a being killed more than five dozen animals. Dead Rabbits, chickens and found indokachek morning host, when he came to feed her? Menagerie.
This could make no known predators convinced Oleg Poyasnik zoologist. Scientist for several years now oversees the activities of the so-called Chupacabra. Collects the beast files.

Handwriting, which saw a zoologist at the scene confirmed that the yard was operating it chupacabra. She once again kills animals actually in the city center, close to the core.

Recall that on the account of unknown animals have a lot of audacious murders in the regional center. While Chupacabra attacked only on animals.

Source: TRA and "New Chernigiv" , Chernihiv True

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