Chupacabra spotted in Kirovograd, people utykivayut their gardens traps

November 17, 2012 23:38

Unknown beast already looked into some chicken coops and ransacked several yards.

 Next legendary chupacabra been seen on the outskirts of the regional center. Residents complain of Kirovohrad — unknown creature naglovoruet livestock from their homes. Eyewitnesses claim: this animal has reddish hair and moves by jumping on two legs.

Last night the unknown creature decimate the bird population the inhabitants of an entire street. Within a few hours of sunrise yards disappeared three dozen chickens.

Basil eyewitness caught the thief on his garden. Says the creature had red hair and was unlike anything he had seen one of the animals. She frantically looked out of the estate, reports TSN.

The victim Vasily Serafimovich shows chase Chupacabra: "It rode more than a meter. It thundered and rode great. "

In the yard men animal claws tearing metal fence and the grid in the henhouse. Disappeared from there with a dozen chickens.

A neighbor also retired the yard in feathers. This is all that remains of her chickens. The woman was surprised both at the time of the visit Chupacabra behaved watchdogs: "Big dogs do not bark!" — Says the woman.

Footprints of unknown animals, which are very well preserved on the damp ground, retirees showed vet.

Jury Samsonov vet said: "The traces left on the ground, like a dog. And the dog is not large, and the average. Judging by how prodavlena soil. I think that's probably — it's a feral dog who decided thus to find their own food. "

If the dog and agree to the victims, it is not wild. Most likely, hunting, trained to carry prey, "Why so much to take? How can a dog eat? Maybe it's some kind of a trained dog, which is sent, and it feeds the master of it, "- suggested Mr. Basil.

On the street, where an unknown animal hunts, almost every second person has a gun. But to shoot the thief in town, people do not have rights.

So residents outskirts of the regional center have decided to set traps in their gardens. Economy and to protect, and the myth of the mysterious Chupacabra dispel.

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