Circles in the Kazakh snow

December 9, 2011 15:38

Unique shots came from Kazakhstan. By Michael Vrachevskogo — the main technical lead OSH East branch office of JSC «KazTransCom». It is engaged in trunking and service pipelines. Work traveling. Michael's expression, "dangle signalers in the rain and cold in different places, and see little more than the others." Surprised. Photographed.

Snow phenomenon is located next to the Russian border: in Zhelezinka area of Pavlodar region, in the valley of the Irtysh River — where the highway from Omsk — Pavlodar branch branches to the village of the October. The pipeline is buried parallel to the track in a few tens of meters — the circle appeared in its buffer zone.
— I saw pictures of accident — says Vrachevsky — began to question. And it turned out that similar "patterns" Our guys found a long and often. Have even stopped to regard them as something supernatural.

According to engineers, the circles always hit them one by one. But on the road there could be several. Sometimes circles saw every 20 — 30 kilometers. They usually appear after the snow — in the fresh snow. But the time of the phenomenon could not catch anyone — just the result.

Figures are formed by concentric circles — rings of increasing diameter. Circle — it snow rollers, height of 10 — 15 centimeters. In a single round — about 30 rings. To a radius of 4 — 5 meters, they — the ring — shaped very clearly. More distant as if damped. And become hardly noticeable at a distance of over 10 meters from the center.

PERHAPS I do not indulge in Hedgehogs

Of course, the Kazakh snow circles are not as intricate as their famous English counterparts, educated polegshey ears of wheat. But obviously, no less mysterious. And the analogs they? Known fact, whether the nature of one of these phenomena or different.

By the way, the British circles arise only in the fields with crops. In the period from April to October. That is, for them will need a "canvas" in the form of living plants. With snow-fields in England difficulties — usually in the counties, famous circles heat. Although the current anomalous winter that surprised Europe, they strongly frost and thoroughly covered with snow. But reports of any community was not.

Evil skeptics claim that all grain circles — especially with complex patterns — made jokers. Trampled with sticks and ropes. And the most difficult non-existent. Supposedly drawn on the computer. Enthusiasts disagree. And swear that easily distinguish the real from the fake discs. Give several characteristic features — anomalies in plants and magnetic fields.

Measurements in the snow circles nobody spent. But obviously, not the people or their piled natoptannoy. Snow — not the field with ears. Any outsider would mark visible. A foreign footprints in the snow has not been seen.

As, the present British circles, is not clear. At least no one has yet managed to produce something similar, using the proposed abnormal ideas. A hypothesis is complete, especially do not reproducible. Quite serious scientists at the time were trying to prove that the circles on grain fields trampling hedgehogs, performing courtship dances. Full of people who link the community with the aliens. As with the far, they say, so they send us news of their galaxies, and with others who with their "plates" for some reason, are cutting the ears by some energy rays. Or at least pressured their bottoms "plates." Which, incidentally, does not look quite so madman assumption. It will fit even to explain the snow circles. To start.


Obviously, atmospheric vortices could form a snowy circle. Very much the drawings clear. Mikhail Vrachevskogo are some more exotic hypotheses.

— The guys told me that several times saw a similar range of summer and the sand — explains the main technical leader. — For this reason I thought school physics lesson in which the teacher visualize waves. Hit a stick on the plate with the sand. He jumped up and went rings. Perhaps, on the ground formed a kind of community seismic way?

— Much more interesting to think that the concussion — a consequence of switching mode aliens antigravity engine — continues Vrachevsky. — But it is, apparently, in the pipeline, pipes which are under high pressure — up to 60 atmospheres. An element such as a branch ilizaglushki could vibrate and create the appropriate surface wave.

It is possible that the electrical nature of the phenomenon. According to eyewitnesses, the circles occur where high-voltage overhead power lines that feed the plant cathodic corrosion protection of pipelines intersect with underground structures.

Michael Vrachevsky promised to send new pictures of circles, as he receives them. But perhaps something similar — in the sense of photos and observations — is already with you, readers? Send. Together with his stories and explanations.

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