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U.S. corn magnate John Harvey Kellogg (the manufacturer Kellogg's Corn Flakes) at the end of XIXveka decided to fight with masturbation. As an influential politician, he has created a society of "antimasturbatsionnuyu hysteria." As written by physicians of the time, enthusiastic ideas Kellogg, "the results of self-satisfaction may be orgaznizma exhaustion, stroke and heart disease. Masturbation makes one lose one's mind, others commit suicide »(Mary R. Melendy, MD, The Ideal Woman — For Maidens, Wives and Mothers, 1903).

Protect boys from the terrible consequences of Kellogg decided to surgically — cutting off the foreskin. "To achieve good results can only be removing a large amount of skin and mucous membranes of the penis. Then, after the surgical wounds healed, the skin will sit tight on the penis … that masturbation will significantly limit or even eradicate it. "

Kellogg asserted himself as "a remedy for masturbation which is almost always helps — it's circumcision in infancy. Moreover, the operation must be performed without anesthesia to the pain accompanying the intervention had an impact on the psyche. Well, if it is also associated with the idea of punishment. Women have to fight to the perverted forms of enjoyment helps burning the clitoris with carbolic acid. "

Paradoxical idea Kellogg surprisingly quickly adopted the American doctors. Moreover, the circumcision in infancy has become popular in other English-speaking countries. If in Europe, this practice quickly abandoned, in America circumcision do so far. Not only struggling with masturbation and diseases: doctors over a hundred years by the information about the benefits of circumcision is new scientific evidence, and ordinary Americans continued to pay for "necessary" procedure.

Circumcision — an ancient rite, which came in many cultures of ancient Egypt. This procedure is still facing children from Islamic or Jewish families. Of course, it is done with appropriate anesthesia, and no one is trying to call a child's sense of guilt.

Talk about the need of the rite — a thankless job. But to understand the feasibility of mass circumcision "for medical reasons" decided to Australian researchers. The results of their work are published in the magazine Sexually Transmitted Infections.

Circumcision and health

By the end of 1970th years in the USA and Europe have developed two doctors' lobby. Some have argued that circumcision — a good means of preventing infections and cancer, and others spoke about the complications that result from this procedure.

Medical benefits of circumcision is that the penis is not "pocket" that stores a variety of viruses and bacteria. This not only reduces the incidence of urinary infections, but the incidence of cervical cancer in women who have sex with circumcised men. Those contacts is much less likely to transmit the human papillomavirus, which causes cancer. Male circumcision also protect from cancer of the penis.

In addition, as the Americans thought, circumcision can save 90% of the money that is spent on the treatment of urinary infections in boys.

Meanwhile, opponents of circumcision believe that all of this money will go to battle with complications of the procedure. Among them, the most frequent bleeding and infection of the wound. Sometimes end up re-operation complications, including — amputation of the penis. Furthermore, this surgical procedure damages the nerves that are responsible for the sensitivity of male sex organs.

In Africa, where circumcision of infants was seen not only as a rite but also a means of prevention HIV infection incidence is not reduced. In the wild virus in developing countries can bring the doctors themselves.

As for circumcision are "absolute" medical condition. One can argue about whether or not to remove healthy tissue. However, if the foreskin is damaged — the operation of the circumcision is virtually no alternative method of treatment.

Circumcision and psyche

Because babies do not operate under anesthetic, circumcision is painful for them and can injure the child's mind. As a result, developing common in the current state — post-traumatic stress disorder that haunts men throughout their lives.

At the sametime, physicians performing circumcision are constantly improving this process and each year it becomes less painful. Along with the pain is reduced and the likelihood of trauma.

According to some scholars, in addition to psychological trauma, circumcision leads to low self-esteem, unjustified anger or depression. Their negative emotions men then vent on the other: the father is likely affected by circumcision, wants to make it to his son. For the same reason, doctors have passed such a procedure would be in the course of his practice to prove its benefits to all patients. It is therefore circumcision, one day becoming a tradition, does not leave the company for a long time.

Circumcision and sexual life

Circumcision, damaging the nerves of the penis, reducing its sensitivity. However, the surgical techniques are improving all the time, and such damage is now negligible.

According to the researchers, in circumcised men sexual problems still arise from the stillness of the skin of the penis.

According to some reports, the male circumcision affects the sexual life of women: an orgasm with a partner, they occur much less frequently. However, the results of another study suggest that men circumcised in infancy, are better than others master the technique of sex.

Social Effects

As the Australians selected publications, circumcised men are more likely to become drug addicts and alcoholics. Abnormalities insexual area led to the fact that they are less likely to get married. In addition, these people are prone to violence, theft and suicide.

Proponents of circumcision may rightly argue that the relationship of circumcision with all the social problems has not been proven, and their cause could be anything.

Ethical aspects

Violation of the rights of individuals now can be called whatever you want. And, of course, there were those who questioned the right of parents to circumcise their children.

Given the right to freedom of religion in the United Kingdom found a kind of compromise: the doctor can refuse such an operation, if it considers this a violation of the rights of the child. In turn, no one will blame the parents, if they will turn to another surgeon.

In countries where circumcision is not common, have been cases where children of parents accused of "irreversible surgical alteration of healthy genitals." As the Australians, the court accepted the guilty parents.

Public opinion

At the time, as some countries refuse to be circumcised, others are going to make the practice of mass. In Botswana, the mass circumcision ready and doctors, and ordinary people.

Apparently, the debate about the feasibility of such a procedure does not subside for a long time: Both sides will be new arguments.

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