Climate: blending of the seasons, was reported in Bangladesh

July 18, 2011BANGLADESH
— The length of the winter, summer and rainy season in Bangladesh has increased, while spring has decreased, changes that may have adverse effects on agriculture, said the study, based on farmers' perceptions. Winter, traditionally around two and a half months, now dominated by three and three-quarters, and summer lasts five months, nearly twice the usual length in the past. On the other hand, during the rainy season, usually two-and-three-quarters, lasts about three and a half months, and spring is now one-and-a-half months, nearly one and a half months less than before. In the fall and late fall, and continue to be the same, she says. "It is expected that the increase in the length of the summer season, will have a negative impact crops, plantations and the increase in the rainy season, will have a negative effect of maturation and harvesting, he said. Study" perception study: Climate Change and Food Security in South Asia "was held from October to November in 2010, by 1200 farmers — 300 each from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Farmers showed their expertise on climate change over the past 11 to 20 years. —"The Daily Star"

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