Climate change: severe flooding

High water has become a real threat to the people of many countries. Suffer from major floods in Colombia. Devastating storm reached and Costa Rica. A New Zealand government announced a state of emergency because of mashtabneyshih floods in decades.Cause devastating disasters scientists call global climate change.Devastating floods came to Costa Rica. For the heavy rains of the banks of the river out to the east of the country. There's water on the belt, flooded entire cities. To leave their homes were forced hundreds of families.More than a thousand people in power were accommodated in temporary evacuation centers. For the next few days weather forecasters predict new showers. Local residents found the weather simply by surprise.Edgar Ledezma, a resident of Costa Rica: "The rain started at two in the morning — as early as five in the morning to start a real flood. Things quickly deteriorate. Many — have lost everything they had."Ana Yancy Kamal, the victim: "Washing machine, TV, refrigerator — everything remains in a flooded house. We did not have time to grab a meal."Further south, in Colombia, high water pesters people for months. From her killed more than 120 people. Numerous landslides have destroyed dozens of homes and damaged a local oil pipeline and left without drinking water, thousands of people. Under the water were hundreds of hectares of arable land, substantially damaged coffee plantations. The country has a state of emergency. But the government is only beginning to count the losses from bad weather.German Cardona, Minister of Transport of Colombia: "There are damaged or destroyed more than 1,600 kilometers of roads. Was only to restore them take six or seven million dollars."Juan Manuel Santos, Colombia's president: "Natural disasters — a real karma my government. From the first day I took over as head of state in the country permanently happen weather disaster. Recent years, showers have become much stronger than it was before. And this is the worst problem we encountered in the last 16 months. "No better in other parts of the world — New Zealand. For heavy rainfall in the south raging floods that have called the worst in decades. Authorities declared a state of emergency in the region. Roads washed away soil shifts. And those that were not destroyed — the water turned into raging rivers.Scientists say all the fault of climate change. In particular — a natural phenomenon La Nina — so scientists call lowering the water temperature at the surface of the Pacific Ocean in its equatorial part.The same phenomenon has led and drought this summer, which came to the plains of the United States, and rains that led to severe flooding in Australia.

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