Climate change will cause increased mortality

At the congress of the European Respiratory Society presented a report saying that climate change is threatening to residents of Belgium, France, Spain and Portugal. Factor for increasing mortality in these countries over the next six decades, will increase in the concentration of ozone in the air amid the heat wave. According to experts, Russia is also under threat of global warming


The study was conducted by Swedish scientists at the University of Umeå. If you believe the information received, the employees of the medical sphere will be ready to step up their efforts to protect the health of people, as Europeans are waiting for the dark days.

By the way, the WHO estimates that climate change in the world, observed from the 70's to 2004 resulted in an additional 140 thousand deaths annually. It is noted that the events occurring in nature are reflected in the purity of air, water, crops, and also contribute to the spread of deadly diseases.

In the new study, researchers analyzed the greenhouse gas emission scenarios and assess how it will affect the environment and human health. According to the conclusions of the European countries most dangerous increase in ozone in the air associated with the greenhouse effect, the next decade will be in Belgium, France, Spain and Portugal. As ozone — is oxidative pollutant, it will provoke the deaths due to problems with the respiratory system and in general have a negative impact on human health.

Researchers say that air pollution — the biggest environmental threat to Europe. If no action is taken to reduce ozone levels, the lost working hours (while sick will rest up in hospital or at home, taking sick leave) will have a negative effect on the economies of European countries.


As told senior researcher Ecology and Conservation Biology Faculty of Moscow State University, Ph.D. Vladimir Friedman, climate change leads to periods of intense heat, such as those that occurred in Italy and France in 2002-2003 and in Russia in 2010. "Oven", which are urban dwellers, dramatically increases the amount of ill health and death. The increase in ozone due to photochemical smog, which is formed at a temperature of more plus 1-18 degrees Celsius. The terms of this negative process — the heat, strong sunlight, and automobile exhaust.

"When people go to work in the morning, their cars emit fumes, which is a drop of fuel, particularly with unsaturated hydrocarbons. On them the sun shines, the oxidation reaction starts, and makes this the most ozone. Keep in mind that ozone is good when it high above — then he protects us from ultraviolet radiation. But when he at the bottom — in our breathing, it destroys us, causes respiratory disease, cancer. He is very bad, as any strong oxidant, "- said Mr. Friedman.

Moreover, when photochemical smog is blown by the wind from the city, it comes to agricultural crops and reduced yields. When the average temperature for two to three degrees of photochemical smog days in a year will be twice as much.

After hatching of mosquito

Serious risk posed by the climate change, is to promote and to the north of diseases specific to the south. Among them malaria, West Nile fever. The fact that the warming in the northern hemisphere turns that winters become milder and wetter. As a result of overwintering vectors — mosquitoes and the parasite — Plasmodium malaria parasite is greatly improving. Area of mild winters, where the pathogen can survive, strongly expanding.

"It is important for our country — warns Vladimir Friedman. — We have already noted the epidemic of West Nile fever in Volgograd and other cities. Roughly speaking, the agent was brought from Africa by migratory birds. Before, he did not survive, and now copes with this task. And in the city there are birds that can store it to be, so to speak, a reservoir for it — for example, the crows. "


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