Climate weapon — a myth or reality?

Climate weapon — this, according to the world-famous electronic encyclopedia Wikipedia, a hypothetical type of weapon of mass destruction, which is used to destroy the economy and natural resources, climate and weather of a single State, or of the mainland continent. As a trigger can be used high-tech means by which created artificial man-made disasters that can lead to many environmental disasters.Even despite the fact that at the present stage of technological development to have such a weapon is almost impossible, yet there are increasing reports of its use in a variety of so-called conspiracy theories. And this despite the fact that the effects of any active military purposes on the weather, according to the international convention, are prohibited.After the catastrophe in the United States caused by Hurricane Katrina, a large number of versions that somehow tried to explain the causes of such a powerful disaster. Among all one such theory caused a real shock to the global public. According to the American meteorologist Scott Stevens, the deadly hurricane actually — neither more nor less than the creation of man.Stevens believes that the hurricane was the result created in the days of the Soviet Union, climate weapons, the principle of operation is based on the use of electromagnetic generator. It was well established that in the second half of the last century, the USSR had developed a number of technologies related to modifications of the weather. The Soviet government is very proud of them, and in addition, actively used against the U.S. since 1976.Moreover, a meteorologist said that the appearance of unexplained noise, which are regularly seen on shortwave radio, directly indicates the existence of machines developed by the Russian control over the weather.However, at the same time, there have been some inconsistencies in the statements of Stevens. Thus, according to him, in the Union in 1976, was designed and implemented in life technology that can cause a storm, which at the beginning of the next decade, successfully sold at least ten states. In an interview given later, he said that the hurricane has caused the use of climatic weapon Japanese mafia, as an act of revenge for the atomic bombing of Hiroshima during World War II.But Americans are not the only ones to blame the Russians to use climate weapons. Similar rumors and statements about the development and testing of such weapons the United States and the Soviets have repeatedly found themselves at the center of international controversy. So, after the floods of 2002 a series of such scandals swept op in European countries — then the European parliamentarians have repeatedly accused the U.S. military of deliberately undermining Europe's economy.It is clear that Russian politicians could not stand by and steel from such a "hot" discussion. The first, which began to seek climate weapons, were the representatives of the State Duma deputies CPRF and the LDPR. Defense committee even broached the issue of the negative impact on the climate of experiments related to the effect on the magnetosphere and ionosphere of the planet. And for some reason the object of research was the American system «HAARP».In the northern part of the United States, 400 miles from Anchorage, there is a military base Gakhona, which was seen a strange object. A very large area of land covered with antennas whose height is 25 meters. This is the «HAARP» — «active research program auroral region" Northern Lights. " Base pretty well protected: the territory e barbed wire placed around the perimeter patrols of Marines, and the airspace above them closed to all aircraft, whether military or civilian units. And after the events of September 11, 2001 at a short distance from the base were installed and air defense systems.This installation was created specifically to study the possibility of using in combat climate change. Development are undertaken jointly by the naval and air forces of the United States of America. Numerous scientific and popular publications in one voice insists that with «HAARP» there is a possibility of artificial call Northern Lights, and in addition, also interfere with the radar of the enemy, to communicate with submarines and even the secret underground enemy targets. The emission of this installation can without difficulty to penetrate the ground and diagnose hidden bunkers and tunnels, as well as put out of space satellites and electronics. Moreover, there are also suggestions that the forces of the scientists working on the base, an attempt was made to establish the influence of technology on the environment, which will enable the changing weather conditions up to heavy rains, floods, hurricanes and earthquakes.Many Russian politicians link such disasters as floods in France, Germany and the Czech Republic, as well as a tornado in Italy is the adverse effects of climate research conducted by American weapons. Moreover, these policies suggest that these weapons have already been created and that the tests it conducted in low-power mode, have been very successful. Very soon the construction of the facility will be completed, so its power will increase significantly. Such radical statements have resulted in the requirement to establish a special commission to investigate the experiments conducted in the United States. The main argument of this requirement was that at the official level «HAARP» is just a research laboratory at the time, as you can see a military component. Thus, all the near-Earth space will be under the influence of the American setting, and this will inevitably lead to technological disasters.Investigation conducted by a group of Russian journalists, showed that during the existence of the Union on its territory had a similar setup. This project was named "Sura". It is located in the center of Russia — at a distance of 150 kilometers from Nizhny Novgorod. Officially, the project involved the development of the Research Institute of Radio Physics.At the moment, "Sura" is a little rusted, but still capable object. By 9 hectares located 20-m antennas in the center — horn radiator huge (it is through him, scientists can study the atmospheric acoustic processes). Onsite there is also a transformer substation and the building, which contains radio transmitters. In addition, some in the distance — there economic and laboratory building.
The facility was commissioned in the early 80's of the last century. With this unique facility received some very interesting information about changes to the ionosphere, in particular, opened "Getmantsev effect" — the generation of low-frequency radiation when the flow of the ionosphere. Funding for these studies was carried out with the participation of the Soviet military establishment, however, after the demise of the Union, there was no one to pay for them.As the other scientists involved in the program, nasylat disasters "Sura" still can not. However, studies related to the interaction with the cataclysmic changes in the ionosphere, continue.At the beginning of an object in the sky could be seen a variety of anomalies. Many people have witnessed the strange glow, as well as the appearance of glowing red balls that were either stationary or moving at high speed in the sky. But these were not the unidentified flying objects, and the glow plasma formations.According to Russian scientists to work on the nature of the possible, but not so hard as it was in the case of hurricanes Katrina and Rita. For the impact of such power would simply not have enough power plants.At present the Russian program runs for about 100 hours for the whole year, because funding is not enough. The U.S. is running a project on average 2000 hours a year, as the amount of funding is about $ 300 million annually. The Russian government can afford to spend about 40 thousand dollars …According to a professor of the University of Nizhny Novgorod Savely Rook, this stat
e of things in the end will inevitably lead to the fact that the Russians will not know the results of U.S. studies. And even despite the fact that both of these projects only research laboratories, in future, all their achievements may well be used in the military industry. But to think that the Americans will not dare to create some special program. But then do anything it will be impossible.The U.S. War Department in 2003 announced the open experimental studies of some guns, located in Alaska. Although with this Russian scientists have linked further disasters. Took place in the Central and Southern European territories, Japanese scientists have about this important question. According to the Director of the Center for the Study of storms, located in Japan, the events that took place in December 2004, have a rather unusual nature. The fact that this tragedy occurred exactly din year and one hour after the earthquake in Iran, which killed about 41 thousand people. After this disaster swept Europe: Cyclone "Erwin", which swept from Petersburg to Dublin, has brought a lot of storms, rain and storms. After that cover disasters and U.S. territories — floods and unprecedented snowfall till this time. Although U.S. scientists confirmed that all these tragic climatic changes due to the fact that the tsunami has shifted the Earth's crust, the Russian scientists persistently argued that they were the result of the negative impact of the American project «HAARP».It is learned that these "games" with the weather changes Americans conducted before. So, soon after the Second World War, the U.S. military began studying the processes of lightning, earthquakes calls, and management capabilities by hurricanes and tsunamis. The results of these experiments, no information was provided. But, in 1961, it was the Americans thrown into the atmosphere over 350,000 copper needles dvuhsantimetrovoy length, leading to an earthquake in Alaska, as part of the Chilean coast fell into the Pacific Ocean. During the Vietnam war, the Americans carried out the operation under the name "Spinach", the essence of which was the dispersal of silver iodide into clouds to encourage heavy rains and destroy, thus sowing the enemy. With the help of this method of control has been destroyed and the Ho Chi Minh trail, in which Vietnamese troops received ammunition and equipment.The Americans were the first in the 60-ies of the last century tried to put out the storms. In the 60's and 80's, they had a "furious storm" in which conducted research and hurricanes. It all started with the fact that information has been received about the possibility of a hurricane to get as much energy as it gives all U.S. power plants. One of the most successful experiments is considered to be a study in 1969 off the coast of Haiti. Local residents claimed to have seen a great white cloud, which runs rings large. Scientists have managed to spray the center of typhoon silver iodide, and thus, turned him from the island.Currently held several other studies: Meteorologists have suggested that hurricanes "accelerated" as a result of the heat of the surface ocean waters. It was therefore decided to pour vegetable oil. Thus, the resulting film of oil will reduce the temperature of the water, and reduced the power of the hurricane. Therefore, a real opportunity to change the direction the hurricane.Meanwhile, Soviet scientists did not lag behind the U.S.. In the 80 years they, along with Vietnam and Cuba, began to study the nature of typhoons, to be precise — the most important part of it, called the eyes. For this purpose, we used AN-12 and IL-18, which was converted by the laboratory. Scientists have tried to find the weak spots of this natural phenomenon to subsequently learn to change its power, trajectory. In Cuba and Vietnam were established quite a large number of radar stations and received many interesting information about the object of experiments. This allowed the scientists to start theoretical work. However, in the 90 years such work virtually stopped financing, and the project had to close.Even despite the fact that, according to The 1997 Convention on the Prohibition of "environmental war" secret research on the development of climate weapons continues. Although scientists claim that the results will be used only for peaceful purposes — the common people such words is more doubtful.

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