Coatings SPRAMET-160 received a certificate of fire resistance

  • Tests for fire resistance "SPRAMET 160"
  • Tests for fire resistance "SPRAMET 160"

Tests for fire resistance "SPRAMET 160"


Corrosion protection system "SPRAMET 160" (product of JSC "Plakart") After a successful trial in the Test Center Fire Safety" Pozhpolitest "ANO certification" Elektrosert "received a certificate for compliance with technical regulations on fire safety (GOST 53295-2009). The tests were carried out according to GOST 30247.0

The experimental base was as follows — on a metal beam in the refractory composition Spramet 160 As the tread layer has been applied a metal matrix.

Beams applied refractory composition for 60 minutes exposed to open flame in the furnace chamber with a temperature of about 1000 ° C. After exposure to the heat of the test sample was produced by a heat insulating section of the song "SPRAMET 160" to determine the state of the metallic (stainless) matrix.

Due to high impact aluminum diffusing into the component composition of the metal base layer of the sample, and hence retained its protective properties, confirming the highest adhesion to the core layer.

The conclusion reached by the experts of the test center, confirms that protection "SPRAMET 160" meets the requirements of fire resistance rating of Group IV R60.

Confirmed experimentally by fire-resistant properties of the tread cover CJSC "Plakart" regarded as a promising direction, which can be successfully used to protect steel structures at the sites.

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