Colombian city of Cartagena destroyed tremors

One of the areas of the Colombian port of Cartagena was almost completely destroyed in the earth vibrations. More than 350 buildings collapsed completely, another 500 homes were uninhabitable.Victims of these destructions, but more than five hundred people received injuries of varying severity.Roads and pavements was a large crack. Therefore, even those whose houses are not damaged seismic vibrations have to leave the area.Specialists say that the region is expected rainy weather, and subsequently sharp warming. Thus, the earth did not stop moving. In addition, experts are expected in the area of landslides and daily minizemletryaseny.The area is populated in the 70 years of the last century, but 12 years ago, seismologists have confirmed that the crust is constantly active, and because the terrain is not suitable for human life.Recall August 12 earthquake in Japan (magnitude 5.9, near the north-east coast), and August 11 — in China (in the western part of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, injuring at least 26 people).August 10 earthquake measuring 3.4 on the Richter scale occurred in the town of Beregovo in Transcarpathia.


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