Colombian volcano eruption expected

Nevado del Ruiz is getting closer to the time of its eruption. Last Week activity of the volcano has increased significantly. Because of the increased mobility of the magma from March 27 of Nevado del Ruiz were recorded oscillations of the earth surface. West of the crater were active seismic signals in the form of rock falls, cracks here and there. Similar symptoms preceded the eruption in November 1985 and September 1989.

Morning of 29 March for 25 minutes happened more than 135 aftershocks south of Crater Arenas, depth of about 4 km. March 31 active volcano became even more pronounced, volumes allocated SO2. Seismologists believe that the eruption will happen next week, but will not be as powerful as in the 1980s. Last Nevado del Ruiz erupted in 1991.

At the top of the volcano, which is located in the heart of Columbia, is the glacier area of 200 km2. The main phase of formation of the volcano is a Pleistocene. Arenas crater has a depth of 240 meters and a width of 1 km. On the slopes of the volcano are visible traces of avalanches and lahars descended in the form of potholes and ledges. The last such lahars formed in 1985 when a major eruption of the glacier melted on top and going down, captured everything in its path. South America remembers the eruption as one of the most destructive.

Photos: USGS


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