Columbia: Geological shifts in the Timan

February 24. Environmental authorities and administration Timan resumed surveillance on reactivation fault lines in Tobo. Inevacuation is not necessary.

Employees of the Autonomous Regional Corporation Heights Magdalene KAM, Department Volunteer Fire Department and the City of Timan, visited the area of El Tobo in rural areas of the municipality where the last 3 years registered geological deformation, which were activated in the last hours, destroying about 100 hectares in recent years .

Technical visit, will identify the risks faced by families in the area, and that led to a renewed warning.

"The reason rekativatsii are cracks, which are a marker of anxiety," — said the engineer, John Javier Rojas, an employee of Environment.

"The earth is moving, so families are encouraged to take maximum precautions, until the evacuation in order to avoid tragic events.It is likely that this effect will last much longer, "- said the spokesman CWA present in this area.

Minutes of the visit will be sent to the office CREPADH Huila, to take appropriate measures to mitigate the impact of a strong family because of landslides.

At the same time, the Department Volunteer Fire Department, commander Jorge Ohme Timan said that they will check for updates and to control any possible cases registered. If necessary, alert the community to begin immediate evacuation.

For his part, Mayor Diaz Timan Wilson Sterling, who is currently in the capital, has expressed interest and willingness to provide support to the affected families, who have had experience within 3 years from the natural problems, for which he is taking the necessary steps to achieve a lasting solution to will be implemented in the affected communities.

Translation: Alex Crete


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