Coma change a person?

February 12, 2013 21:08

Coma change a person?

Remember, there's a story by Ray Bradbury, "Dolly", the hero of which, after the coma gains the ability to fly? Of course, this fantasy fiction, but the idea is not too far from the truth. After coma — one of the most mysterious human conditions.

The inner life

Coma has traditionally been something intermediate between life and death: the patient's brain does not respond to external stimuli, the mind dies, leaving only a simple reflex … Doctors usually advise relatives Flatliners or wait until he wakes up himself, or, if this condition lasts for a long time, disconnected from life support.

For a long time, doctors were confident that in the phase of brain comatose patient is asleep, and he was not able to understand what's going on. Although we know many cases when, coming out of a coma, a man told me that he had heard, and realize what is happening, but he could not react to it.

British neurosurgeons failed to prove that the people who are in a coma, does not turn into "vegetables" — they are able to think and even to respond to appeals words. So, in 2000, Canadian Scott Routley had an accident, after which went into a coma. Despite the condition, the patient could open his eyes, move his fingers and distinguish between day and night. Interest in this case Professor Adrian Owen of Cambridge University, who along with his colleagues developed a special technique that allows to "read" the thoughts of people who are in a coma. Scanning the brain of Scott, the researchers asked him a series of questions, which is expected to either positive or negative. In this scanner recorded any signs of the activity of the brain. Researchers concluded that Scott realizes who he is and where he is, and responds to external stimuli. In particular, "he said," that does not feel pain.

Later, a group of scientists examined the 23-year-old girl who was struck by a car accident after the brain. The patient was unable to move or speak. When the researchers asked the girl to imagine if she plays tennis, your drive has a burst of activity in the parts of the brain responsible for motor function. The same thing was observed by scanning the brain of healthy volunteers who took part in the experiment. According to Dr. Owen, these results indicate that the patient is capable of, at least, to hear the appeal to her speech and mind respond to it. Thus, the answer to the question of whether it is permissible euthanasia of people for a long time was in a state of coma, is even more controversial.

Miraculous return

Some specialists recommend more "talk" with the patient in a coma, talk to him, tell some stories — they say that it allows Flatliners keep in touch with real life and increases the chance to bring him out of the vegetative state. Cases where a person comes out of coma despite forecasts of doctors, it is not uncommon. Thus, residents of the British town of Weston-super-Mare, which is 30 miles west of Bristol, managed to get his wife out of the coma … with the battle!

Yvonne Sullivan suffered a failed delivery. The child died, and she got a serious blood infection. Upon learning of the death of the baby, the woman fell unconscious for two weeks and come out of it. Finally, the doctors offered to remove her from life support. Upon hearing this, my husband Yvonne House so much angry that grabbed unconscious wife's arm and started yelling at her, blaming the fact that she does not want to recover. Two hours later, Yvonne suddenly began to breathe on their own, and after five days, returned to her mind. According to doctors, it helped "bashing", given her husband.

Three-year Alice Lawson of the English city of Scunthorpe today looks quite healthy and happy child. Who could believe that two years ago it was practically "plant", and the doctors were going to kill a desperate patient to transplant donor organs? But at the last moment there was a miracle, and she came out of the coma. At one year old Alice suffered meningitis and stroke with kidney failure. She could not breathe on their own, a life of her only supported hardware. In March 2010, the parents decided to turn off the respirator and signed permission for the removal of his daughter for further transplantation. Lawson spent the eve of his wife's daughter from crib all night. Alice's mother, Jennifer brought her balloons, a girl who adored, said all the family love it. Alice in the morning an injection of morphine and disconnected from the apparatus. Jennifer took her in his arms and kissed her. In the next room was waiting for transplant team. Suddenly, doctors noticed that the girl … breathe independently. She was alive!

Of course, the child is not recovered immediately and definitively. For a reaction time of Alice were at infant, she could not even hold his head up. Moreover, one leg, and is left shorter than the other, but it can be corrected with surgery. Now the girl wears a corrective kindergarten. She draws and rides a bike, which altered for her. Relatives are hoping that over time, Alice recover and catch up on the development of their peers.

New person in the same body

Meanwhile, sometimes with patients who survived, befall things that are difficult to explain rational way. Thus, having a head injury, 35-year-old Englishwoman Heather Howland of exemplary wife and mother suddenly became sexually obsessed woman. Misfortune happened in May 2005. Heather suffered several brain haemorrhage and spent 10 days in a coma. When Heather was discharged from the hospital, her husband Andy took time off to care for his wife. At first he did not notice anything strange. Three months later, Heather first came out of the house. She went to the store. But Andy, who was watching from the window of his wife, was surprised to see that she came to the house in front and spoke to the workers, who was repairing in the absence of the owners. Then they both went to the terrace and closed the door. Through the glass was clear that a man and woman kissing …

Since then, Andy's life turned into a true nightmare. Heather did not miss a single male. You should leave her alone, she goes to the bar for single and met there with sexual adventure seekers. From time to time friends call Andy at work and asked to urgently come and pick up his wife, who is behaving inappropriately in attaching themselves to a stranger.

Doctors believe that a head injury has led to irritation of the brain centers responsible for sexuality. They prescribed a woman a special course of drugs that suppress libido. Heather would have wanted to change the situation. She voluntarily agreed not to leave the house for a period of treatment. The lady said that since it had recovered more than 50 sexual partners. "I woke up in the hospital with an incredible need to have sex all the time, — she says — and it does not matter with whom. I do not recognize myself. Because I'm not one of those who met with the men on the street and invites them home to have sex. "

Not long ago, media reported six-year resident of California Zoe Bernstein. Baby after a car accident about a month spent in a coma, and when I came close did not recognize her. "She has become a completely different person — says the girl's mother. — Zoya has developed the so-called attention deficit disorder. Exemplary child turn into a hooligan. Although, maybe this is not such a bad thing — after the accident she became more like their peers. On the other hand — it's a different girl, and one old Zoe, who was before the accident, most likely, never to return. "

Several years ago, 13-year-old Croat to 24 hours went into a coma after a car accident. When the girl woke up, it turned out that she is fluent in German. Before that, she studied German at school, but little success was observed. But after his native Croatian coma girl completely forgot! A twenty-six-Briton Chris Birch in a coma after a severe stroke while training for rugby. "When I came to, I quickly realized that I had to change the orientation — says Chris. — I was gay, and took it as a matter of course. "

According to the psychiatrist Miho Milas, such cases are known to science. Perhaps the secret lies in the sudden awakening of genetic memory. What if after the coma in us can inhabit a completely different human personality?

Ida Shakhovskys

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