Compact automatic Gilboa from Silver Shadow

Compact automatic Gilboa from Silver Shadow
On the 4th the benefit of annual exhibition Israel Defense Exhibition for the Army and Police (ISDEF), held in 2010, the Tel Aviv company Silver Shadow Advanced Security System introduced compact machine Gilboa PDW AR-15 (the full title of Gilboa Assault Pistol Rifle or Gilboa APR). Gilboa APR is a one hundred percent automatic cannon personal protection (Personal Defense Weapon, PDW). Like automatic Tavor, the title comes from the Gilboa in northern Israel eponymous mountain. When designing a new machine design has been applied some component rifles M-16 and M-4 namely the lower part of the receiver. This allows the use of standard stores M-16 and M-4. The upper part of the receiver was designed Silver Shadow. Both components were absolutely altered in order to enhance their hardness and improve the accuracy of production. They are made of duralumin alloy 7075 CNC. Machine allows automatic and automatic fire.

Israeli company Silver Shadow Advanced Security System Ltd (SSASS) is owned and operated by Amos Golan. It is known for its modifications and customization tools. Namely, it is behind the development of the armament of Russian special services system for shooting from the corner Corner Shot. In addition, it offers its customers an upgraded M76 sniper rifle (based on the design of Russian Kalashnikov assault rifle sniper rifle Zastava M76 was developed in the midst of the 70s in the Yugoslav arms factory Crvena Zastava) has been called Timna (Timna-also the title of the mountains in the south of Israel) . Sniper rifle with a silencer Timna based on the proven design of Russian Kalashnikov machine was adapted to fire western 7.62/51 languid, speed ammunition. It allows snipers both military and law enforcement agencies to work with the greatest secrecy, even at close range, and with the greatest distance. Armed with a rifle barrel production Shilen Rifles and modern silenced the entire length of the barrel developed by Silver Shadow, which actually leaves no acoustic signature.

In addition, Silver Shadow offers upgrade package AK-47, AK-74, turning at least some standard Kalashnikov rifle into a more modern modular weapon that can carry a wide range of optics and accessories on standard Picatinny rail. Makeover kit contains a substitution or improvement in sight, modular frame spoofing unusual forearm. As a result, an instrument has 4 Picatinny rail for mounting various accessories. The kit also comes front handlebars with deflectors peripheral Picatinny rail for mounting optical sights, telescopic (as in M16) or folding stock, ergonomic vertical grip, and much more. Can also be added improved flame retardants (reducing the muzzle blast by 29%) and impact absorbers (intensively reduce returns by 25%). Can also be added detachable bipod, allowing to install a grenade launcher and more reduce returns.
Compact automatic Gilboa from Silver Shadow
Gilboa comes in different sizes and configurations, from the malehankih 2.25 kilogram automatic rifles / pistols ATP, small and standard versions, to long-barreled rifles 3.55 kilogram snaypeskih Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR). ATP model is 51 cm long, 18 cm of armed barrel in the standard version, but for specific applications can be armed with a shortened barrel to 11.5 cm. Model DMR is a modified version of the machine Gilboa created for military units and law enforcement significant firepower to combat distances. It is armed with a languid 45-centimeter barrel with rifling 7:1 for more massive ammunition.

The strength and reliability of Gilboa were improved by the use of modern technological processes to ensure the quality and reliability in the most extreme conditions. Shortened Gilboa (Gilboa Shorty) was designed specifically for military experts and experts in law enforcement need in a small arms firepower of this rifle. Assault version Gilboa APR was designed specifically for fighting in urban criteria. It connects the inside dignity as an assault rifle and a pistol.

Gilboa design allows excellent weapon to use it at all combat ranges from zero to 300 meters. Designed specifically Silver Shadow gas operated piston provides a spotless functioning machine with the least side-heating, which is especially important when used in extreme conditions. In the latest patented design includes namely vapor system and revertible spring. Instrument equipped with a foldable butt towards securing the rear Picatinny rail. The handle is the correct shutter (left) side. Automatic resettled and several top Picatinny rail for mounting optics, lasers and other accessories.

Gilboa APR can use a variety of ammunition, namely caliber 5.56, 7.62 NATO, 7.62 Our homeland, 9 mm and 22 LR.

Company Silver Shadow interested audience saying that soon present another product of a series of Gilboa. Now they will be brand new assault rifle with a double-barrel — a unique and first in its own way in the midst of guns manufactured in Israel. According to the company, the new instrument will increase the firepower and make better marksmanship, but as before will use standard ammunition. The company will unveil a new tool on the Eurosatory exhibition in Paris in June 2012.

Tactical and Technical Properties Gilboa APR ™ according to the manufacturer:
Caliber: 5.56×45
Weight: 1.910 kg
Weight butt: 2.260 kg
Length without the butt: 390 mm
Butt length: 720 mm
Barrel: Chrome Lined
Barrel length: 152 mm
The rifling of the barrel: 1/7
Rate of fire: 700-850 rounds per minute

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