Completed near Armavir radar 

State tests of the latest technological complex will already this year. Armavir radar control area — more than five thousand miles, from London to Irkutsk.

Just over forty seconds after the rocket appears in the zone of the system, the place position and type of the object is determined. In this case, a ballistic missile, fired her from a submarine in the Mediterranean. Place the rocket position on the map marked with yellow dots, red — the place of its fall, in this case, Novosibirsk. Information from the Armavir radar station in the same second strike in Moscow, but the work does not end there. Officers check the accuracy of the information. This is of course teaching, with a special program soldiers daily and spend extraordinary situations. That during the real danger no one confused.

About the features of these systems do not talk to journalists and the complexes themselves do not show — a military secret. If you look outside, radars, somewhat reminiscent of residential high-rises, at least from afar. But inside — super modern technological systems that allow you to define the target at a distance of thousands of kilometers.

Armavir radar is essentially replaces the radar station that defended the Russian border in Ukraine. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, they were abroad. With the help of the screen signal is sent, in fact this is a huge ten-microwave. How to tell the experts, Armavir station is radically different from the Soviet herbal drugs that are still operating in the country. For example, the station much more accurately defines the objectives.

Construction of the Armavir radar only started in 2004, today it is completely ready, but while working in the mode of development of combat duty. This means that, in fact, the station is on the alert, but so far only duplicates the data from other radars. At the end of the year there will be the state tests, after which the station is to intercede on alert.

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