Computer Management with an eye!

I know that people with disabilities also want to be a full-fledged unit of society and is applied to all of the possible and impossible effort. But what about those who are completely paralyzed, and only the eyes remain mobile? For these people, Imperial College London has developed a special system GT3D, allows you to control the computer with the eyes!

The system GT3D, which tracks the position of the pupils user to move the cursor on the screen to scroll through web pages and even typing. To press a particular button is enough wink one eye: experts explain that they refused to use blinking, as this is a natural process, and therefore there can be false positives.

One of the main advantages of the design — a small price: in the GT3D includes two fast camcorder cost about $ 30 each, and mount points for $ 5, in which the cameras are fixed. Data can be transferred to the computer by wireless communication Wi-Fi or a USB-connection. During the processing of the information and its transformation into control commands to meet the specialized software.

The demonstration showed how using GT3D you can play the classic game of Pong (see video). In theory, using a more precise calibration, the system can be trained to estimate the distance to the object to which the user is looking. This will implement a range of, for example, to control the look by electronic wheelchair.

System management features through the eyes of others and develop. So, Tobii Technology showed recently a system Tobii IS-2 Eye Tracker, which records changes the direction of gaze with an invisible infrared radiation for humans and two small cameras. The complex can be integrated with a variety of equipment, including slot machines, personal computers, medical devices, information boards, etc.



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