Construction sites are the Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Kabul

One of the major projects, which currently implements the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "State" Instroy "at Spetsstroy Russia" — the construction of the Russian Centre of Science and Culture in the capital of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

Just a few months ago at the construction site of the Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Kabul placed unfit for service, administrative and residential buildings, but in the near future the Russian Science and Culture Centre will open its doors. Job Center of Science and Culture will focus on the development of multi-cultural and humanitarian, scientific and educational ties between the Russian Federation and the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, as well as to support compatriots through Rossotrudnichestvo.

Currently nearing completion of work on the construction of monolithic structures of administrative and residential buildings, a swimming pool, boiler and auxiliary facilities. The leaders of the local sub-contracting companies (the main artist of the front work) believe that the facility will be commissioned by the due date for this work is used in the production of modern technology, skilled construction workers and a 24-hour operation.

"I see the actual building, a very dynamic and high quality, — says Alexander A. Lukin (Head of Federal State Unitary Enterprise" State "Instroy" at Spetsstroy Russia ") — can be seen that runs a team of the customer, general contractor, designers and builders. All work on the result with a full understanding of the responsibility. "

Social significance of the object is difficult to overestimate. Almost in front of the body grow new Russian center of science and culture. There will be regularly held performances of creative groups from around the world, the exhibition will be opened Russian language classes, library of classical Russian literature. Will be set up electronic access to the largest library in the world.

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