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Kak hard as it is to believe we are accustomed to consider only the alien characters, science fiction, the Germans kept cool but steady relationship with the aliens from the time of their first contact in the XIX century. Hints of contact are contained in the records of secret societies, although the fact of right is not recognized. Only many years later, the aliens decided that the expansion of "diplomatic relations" with the inhabitants of the Earth is in their interest.

As far as we know, the U.S. was first established contact with the Grey aliens in the early 50s of this century, when two devices aliens accidentally been damaged by radiation radar near Aztec, New Mexico.

In 1954 was organized by the official and voluntary meeting people and newcomers, this secret meeting was organized by the future President Eisenhower. The first meeting was held with the help of electronic translators provided by the aliens.

There is also information on the long-standing contacts with groups of extraterrestrial humanoids, known as the "benevolent" as well as with the race of reptiles — "Dragons", which took place with the participation of the U.S. government, but without full information, I will not go into details, but just mention of this fact. In the future, I will certainly tell you more about that.

What we know for sure — that is what President Eisenhower began extensive contacts with the Greys, although people close to Eisenhower, argue that it was repugnant to these creatures and it is always wise to remain cautious in dealing with extraterrestrial races. It is believed that President Eisenhower, who was connected with the secret government, later betrayed him, never fully shared their intention — at least, that should be of private conversations with him.

Although President Eisenhower at the time refused to closer cooperation with the newcomers, diplomatic relations were still installed, to avoid conflict between earthlings and aliens. As a statesman, he could not avoid such a compromise.

However, in 1964, when Eisenhower was no longer the president of the United States, with the visitors still had a contract (including a militant members of the Orion Group, which now serve as the puppeteers of the Privy government) on the exchange of information and technology to certain freedoms, provided by the aliens. the world.

This agreement was designed treacherous (now famous) group M] -12 * and granted freedom was forced to recall the medieval "deal with the devil." We have given the aliens access to vital resources, including the living people and livestock.

Gray perform genetic experiments on people and maimed cattle, and all that comes with the approval of the Privy government. This transaction took place under the patronage of the treacherous secret MJ-12 group that operates outside the formal government, and was an act of terror, a crime against all the inhabitants of the earth.

The only thing these people, among whom were scientists and government officials could justify a deal (at least in their own eyes), is the promise of power and technological prosperity, given the Grays. I note that the interests of humanity were committed while not the last time.

Of course, while the United States government, which was full of people dedicated to the Secret Government has not made any public statements about any contact with extraterrestrial beings, no studies on active flying saucers, which lasted for decades. This information is only beginning to go outside because of the dedicated efforts of civilian investigators

MJ-12 also Majestic-12. Majority-12, Majic-12 — a top secret committee, composed of senior military officers and scientists, and accountable only to the president the United States. Allegedly engaged in secret contacts with UFOs from July 7, 1947 (the downfall of an alien spacecraft in the U.S. Air Force base at Roswell, Texas). The accuracy of the documents telling about the activities of MI-12, has not yet been confirmed, nor denied. By the mid-80s., When the MJ-12 documents were discovered and made public, one of the alleged members of the committee were no longer alive. those people who did not break the pressure circles, who sought to shut their mouths.
Information about the exchange of different technologies developed by aliens kept classified as "top secret".

There were mind-control technology, and other forms of social control, as suggested by the aliens in order to facilitate their own work. Since then, the aliens (and in particular the Orion Group) gradually began to expand its presence and influence in the world, including the presence of numerous underground bases united forces of the aliens and earthlings are scattered around the world — such as Area 51 in Nevada and Dulce in the state of New Mexico, as well as their own military bases.

However, this was to be expected. There were incredible experiments, which you also will find out later. Flying UFO and genetic experiments on humans continued, already under contract with the U.S. government's secret factions.
Yes, incredible world of technology transferred control of the secret government … but the cost was the interests of humanity and human life.

Top secret access code

Scientist Ed Komarek Jr. provided important details of contacts with aliens after the capture of their aircraft, obtained in a conversation with a retired Air Force pilot:

This report contains information about the interview that I conducted 18 December 1991 with the participation and assistance of a close relative of the interviewee. The identity of the interviewee, his cousin and place of the interview should be kept secret in order to prevent reprisals against them. This information is still a top-secret Pentagon and is not allowed for public use.

I'm going to call the interviewee Jim permission to talk with him was received from the chief of the military police nearby military base. The chief of the military police told him that most of this information will soon be made public, and it will be fully authorized for public use within five to six years.

The police chief said that the contact with the Pentagon over a computer network and receive a response in a couple of days. When Jim did not come with a relative at the appointed time the interview, I immediately decided to go to him, taking the relative. When we met with Jim, he said that the chief of police still did not give him an answer.

He agreed to share a little bit, but a lot of things he did not
willing to talk, being concerned that put himself in a delicate position. As a relative he had previously told everything in detail, we are with him managed to
then fill some gaps in his conversation with me.

He threatened that the armed forces know how to deal with people who disclose secret information. He said that this information was the most secret and that he had a top secret access code and the need to have this information because it is flying on a secret mission the U.S. Air Force in Africa and elsewhere in the late 40's and early 50's.

Jim said he was one of 59 members of an elite unit who carried out these operations. He retired to the reserve for health reasons at the end of the 50s, but remained in reserve until the mid 80's.

His business burned down in a fire at a military archive, at the same time destroyed the case of many other people. Perhaps that's why the head of the military police, contacted him so far. Jim said that due to his position he had access to top-secret documents relating to the collapse of flying saucers and the photographs of plates in the air, the flight characteristics of the plates and photos of the detained crew members of the military plates.

In their secret missions he and his colleagues had to make contact with alien spacecraft. Contact did take place. Also in 1971, Jim met the two aircraft and their crews on the road, not far from its current home. Attention to him and his family in their places of residence unabated.

In those days, when he made the secret flights, the Air Force was in possession of captured 12 plates. In the archives he had seen pictures of blond, blue-eyed aliens, similar to humans. He did not want to talk about aliens and their photographs.

I think he said the photos did Doolittle, but I'm not sure, perhaps he was talking about the pictures of plates, not their crews. Personally, he did not know the aliens known as the Gray, but he saw their pictures and maybe pictures of their bodies suspended in the solution.

I found a very high awareness of Jim in these matters. Most of this knowledge he accumulated while serving in the military. He was not familiar with the popular literature on the subject, but I heard about the crash at Roswell, so I agreed to talk about the filming of one disaster he had seen.

I think he wants to wait, and if, because of his story with him there will be no trouble in the future and he will tell you more. I was afraid that after he receives a response Provost, then do not wish to talk, and therefore tried to extract from it as much as possible information.

Jim told me about the meeting Ike (Eisenhower) with aliens and said that Ike was able to visit one of their ships. One aircraft was in working condition when transferred to the government. He said that during his years of service to pilots managed to levitate these devices, but the progress they have not worked. The military is very poorly understood in the device aids, and least of all — a device engines.

His unit lost one aircraft is likely due to the fact that after the meeting with the spacecraft had denied all the appliances he was in the zone of action of powerful magnetic fields and destroyed by logging on to land from the south, though he had to sit down from the north . At the end of the band, he exploded, disappearing in a flash of fire.

Jim said that he never received orders to fire on flying saucers, though, according to him, they are easy to knock down, even if missiles "Saydvaynder" — at least, so said. He had heard that the fire on the flying saucers opened only when they had been found there, where there were no right to be, such as on military installations. Jim had heard that one of the aircraft was destroyed, apparently by ultrasound.

Jim said he saw footage of the crashed spaceships and flying saucers, leaping through the air like stones across the water.

He agreed to talk only about a five-minute film, which shows the standing in the hangar of the crashed saucer. The fuselage of the unit was on the floor, and the central compartment was loaded on a truck platform, standing nearby. Located in the side of the unit on the floor was a hole the size of 10×10 feet, which fell out of the wire and something like a pipe. He said that he had been inside and symbols, but did not want to talk in more detail about what he saw inside the unit. His relative, he told me that he had seen inside the control panel, a sort of star maps on the walls and a large screen.

He said that by the time they were shooting the photos, the military has not been able to get into one of the rooms on the ship. The machine had a disc-shaped dome over it, Jim did not see, perhaps because of all the photos were taken in the same light. The surface of the device was dull gray. Jim said that the ship was so easy that it could pick one person, all materials on board were strong, but flexible. All materials were also remarkably easy.

The central compartment, where apparently housed engine was slightly harder and is on the platform truck. Jim suggested that when hitting the ground harder central compartment aboard flew through the device, breaking a hole in it. On the floor of the hangar were the bodies, but they were covered in length, they looked about five or five and a half feet.

Jim said that he saw plates, photographed over power lines and tanks with water, which, according to Jim, used to replenish energy vehicles. He also believes that they are able to extract water from the ground. He said that the spark that saw his cousin outside, around the UFO were caused by ignition of atmospheric dust, which became in contact with the hot plasma surrounding the apparatus.

His encounter with a UFO in the mid-70s occurred when he was driving on the highway near his current home. Two devices, each of which was wider than the highway, approaching the front and, being next to his car, slowly stopped. Two devices were hovering in the air above the road in front of him. They were square portholes and devices themselves took the form of a car wheel. Their surface was similar to that as if someone had laid out its golf balls, half-drowning them and creating an ornament in the form of hexagons.

The circumference of the pipe ships were a foot thick, which circulates inside, like, some kind of light, light energy. Each of the devices were two humanoid. They looked absolute copies of each other, their features were the same, they were all dressed in costumes from some elastic Crease-resistant material that does not frown, even when they were bending your elbows. These suits cover the entire body, were only open face.

Well, let's hope that in this regard will be further information. Judging by some of the recently published books, some of the former military already gets permission to talk about these things. Maybe start a new course and the information will gradually be declassified. I hope that the Pentagon will allow this person to fully tell their story, it could prove to other researchers.

The secret government and the armed forces have learned a lot about the supernatural powers of aliens, having vskytiya some of those killed in the crash of cymbals in the northwest of the United States in the late 40's and early 50's.

Source: Inomir.Ru

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