Continue to blow in the Baikal region



13.04.12.Kazhdy day City Winter and the surrounding villages heard powerful explosions.

Earth shakes, the windows cracked glass doors swing open from the ceiling plaster falls are broken chandeliers, walls burst wallpaper. The frightened children crying, old my ears, dogs barking hysterically.

— Live like on the front line, several times a day we hear and feel the explosions. Initially understood that the military do their job and patient. But when they started to blow at night, patience is exhausted, — says paramedic from the village Uslon Irina Petrova.

— Began to call and write wherever you can. And in Sayansk, not far from the landfill, which destroys projectiles — underground etilenohranilische. What happens if the explosions and damage?

— In my house, the ceiling sagged, window frames fall apart. We already low income, repairs made with great difficulty, and the military destroyed everything — complains a resident of the same village Natalia Dubinin. — Other furnaces and collapse. Explosions were initially small. And now more powerful and more powerful. It is terrible to horror! And yet, and the explosion at this store are afraid.

Lake Baikal — the only region of the country, where in three places bombed old shells. It happened in the Zima, Chunsky and Kazachinsko-Lena areas. The last two are already "otvzryvalis" and in Ziminnskom recycling continues.

During blasting covered with cracks kindergarten building № 4 gorodaZimy, school № 1 of the same city wall collapsed. The house of culture "Horizon" damaged bearing structures. Above the entrance to the cultural and entertainment center "Russia" with a wooden cornice filing crumbling plaster (the fallen piece — about two meters wide and weighing 15 kilograms).

The city set up a commission to investigate the technical condition of the housing stock and other facilities, which found that all the houses neighborhood "Angara" textured layer peeled off, exposing rebar and crumbled interpanel seams. In houses of timber struck the earth in basements. Commission came to the conclusion that if blasting will take place for another ten months — remain without shelter 13,120 people.

— Explosions — a mini-earthquake, which are likely to progress the land. On in our district are two pipelines: Omsk — Irkutsk and Krasnoyarsk — Irkutsk — says a former civil defense and emergency gorodaZimy Valeriy Chekalin. — It is not known how these structures behave. Moreover, near the site of munitions disposal company operates high-risk — "Sayanskhimplast" and is etilenohranilische. At the train station, is all sorts of tanks. In the past, the military sent us a "soothing" paper "," blasting operations can not cause such devastation in the city and towns of Winter Zima district. "

In January 2012 Mayor Winters Vladimir Trubnikov sent a letter requesting termination of disposal of ammunition to President Dmitry Medvedev. In early February, the explosions stopped, and from March 10, rattled again.

— Yes, ammunition disposal — a problem of national importance, but at the expense of the civilian population to solve it is not allowed — says Mayor Winters Vladimir Trubnikov. — The people are ready to picket military unit.

Head of the press service of the Central Military District Colonel Jaroslav Roshchupkin Defense Ministry denies guilt in trouble zimintsev and says that deadline explosions is unknown:

— Stop work or after the disposal of ammunition, or — if the government of the Russian Federation will remove from our commitment to recycling.

"SP": — But at least a tentative deadline set?

— I can say that this year we will continue to work. And then would prefer to refrain from commenting.

"SP": — How many weapons will blow up in this place?

— Total can not name. Daily to destroy 80 tons. Happening — not a fad war is — the federal program. We need to unload the arsenal. They accumulated, since the existence of the Soviet army, a huge amount of ammunition, during storage and began to change its chemical properties.

"SP": — Do the leadership of the military district is located eight kilometers from the explosion etilenohranilische?

— Known. No damage to this property, we can not deliver. He's too far away.

"SP": — City Winter eighteen kilometers from the test site, but according to the locals, is seriously affected by the explosions.

— Often local authorities, using such works, start screaming about the cracks in the walls and collapsing flows, probably forgetting that many homes for several decades. They are worn out and have not seen a long time ago overhaul. While we accept that as a result of, for example, low cloud cover, in which the shock wave repeatedly reflected from the ground, suffering some objects.

Meanwhile, experts grab the head: possible damage etilenohranilischa face monstrous explosion.

— If a large amount of ethylene will break out — people living nearby will die. Amount of damage depends on the amount of the substance, its concentration, wind speed, on which the amount of ethylene residents breathe. A person can even die from nitrogen — says Doctor of Sciences, Professor, Head of Department of Chemical Engineering plastics Russian University of Chemical Technology Mendeleyev Vyacheslav Kireev.

"SP": — What territory can cover ethylene?

— And it depends on different factors: the wind blew or not, be cold or warm … may extend to 20-30 kilometers.

Ethylene is extremely dangerous. Blow up in the areas where it is stored — is criminal. The consequences would be disastrous.

Professor, Institute of Geography RAS Boris Kochurov confirmed that the blast can destroy etilenohranilische:

— It passes through the ground and soil can affect the different structures. When near chemical plants, nuclear waste repository or etilenohranilischa — people are being held hostage by the military.

Vitaly Slovetskii

Source: Free press

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