CONTINUE TO FLIGHT TEST light combat aircraft «SCORPIO»

CONTINUE TO FLIGHT TEST light combat aircraft
Joint venture Textron AirLand, LLC, to make the company Textron Inc. and AirLand Enterprises, LLC, has announced that in January and February, conducted additional flight test reconnaissance and light attack aircraft Scorpion, reports February 17. The last flight was held on February 13.

In 2014, the development team wants to spend a few hundred test flights on the identification speed, altitude and maneuverability layout. «Overall, we have received very positive results. We evaluated the effectiveness of the aircraft, tested mechanical components and onboard electrical systems. «Scorpion» is a very capable platform, I am confident in the reliability of the airframe, «said chief test pilot, pilot Navy veteran with 23 years of experience, Dan Hinson (Dan Hinson).

Most of the test flights will be conducted at McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita, scheduled flights outside the area.

Textron AirLand examine the ability of commercial aircraft deliveries in the U.S. armed forces and allied countries. Some countries have already shown interest in the aircraft, because the company began to function permission to export «Scorpion.»

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