Continued invasion of the tropical Florida

South Florida peninsula was again dominated by tropical storms. The system that brought heavy rainfall to the Caribbean, continues to move into the peninsula. The greatest need for the gift of the Florida Keys, Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

Florida again tropical rainfall.
Precipitation are particularly dangerous for traffic on the roads, since the probability of falling to zero visibility in all regions of Florida is very high. But forecasters say the system did not have enough power to develop into a full tropical storm. This is good local residents, which at this time have a great chance to stay home and wait for the massive destruction and damage to property.
But minor flooding still inevitable, especially in low-lying areas of the state and in areas with poor drainage. From 50 to 102 mm of rain has fallen in the shower next to the epicenter locations. Residents and tourists in potentially dangerous areas advised not to long walks in the fresh air as well as with the rain is likely to come and lightning, directly threatening the lives of people.
By the middle of next week, the staff will return arid warm weather and zaneyu and dust cloud drifted across the Atlantic directly from sub-Saharan Africa. The sunsets and sunrises over the coast will become even more mysterious. For the population of the new dust cloud threat does not carry.

Dust cloud headed towards Florida.


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