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"UFO", St. Petersburg, n16 (334), 12.04.2004, p.6.

By Vadim Ilin

Mankind the way from artificial satellites to interplanetary robotic missions, ranging from single spacecraft to the space station with interchangeable crews. However, in the history of space exploration is mysterious events, explain that the earth scientists can not yet. On one of these unexplained incidents and described in this article.

The fact that Russian cosmonauts and U.S. astronauts during their stay on earth orbits met with UFOs, we have already mentioned. Those meetings were limited to observations, most likely reciprocal But recently it became known that during one of the unfortunate Russian cosmonaut flight emergency situation arose, the successful outcome of which may have contributed to the intervention of some "supernatural" powers. * _

The morning of April 5, 1975 at the Baikonur Cosmodrome go final preparations for the launch of "Soyuz-18". It was a clear, windless weather, training was held without deviation from the norm, and two crew members were in good order crew were colonel, Hero of the Soviet Union Vasily Lazarev, has already flown in September 1973 on "Soyuz-12", and the engineer of the Design Bureau OKB -1 after SP The Queen, Ph.D., Hero of the Soviet Union Oleg G. Makarov, also flew with Lazarev on "Soyuz-12". The aim of their first joint flight, which lasted two days, was to test the advanced life support systems in space, including space suits new design this time already tripped colleagues went to the "Salyut-4", where they had to change the previous crew — Gubaryov and Grechko — and work on the station more than a dozen days.

At exactly 10:30 am, the commander and flight engineer, took their seats in the cabin and in the Mission Control Center started prelaunch countdown start went well, the astronauts have heard on the radio messages transmitted them well familiar voice of Peter Klimuk who carried out this time, the operator communication " One hundred seconds of the flight … The bank and the deviation from the direction of flight is normal, "" One hundred and forty seconds. pressure in the combustion chambers of the stable. "

Devices on display in the cockpit, "the Union" showed that the second stage of the launcher is already fulfilled. Aerodynamic fairing is off, the ship came out of the dense layers of the atmosphere.

"Two hundred and sixty seconds.'s All for …"

At this point the message was interrupted for a moment any noise interference, then Klimuk's voice was heard again, but a faint, and it imposed a strange sound, as if someone (or something) unsuccessfully tried to imitate human speech. Astronauts seemed that such sounds could publish computer that tries to convey some information by voice. However, to understand the contents of this transmission, which lasted only 5-7 seconds, the astronauts have not managed.

A few more seconds, and suddenly there was a cabin alarm siren and simultaneously broke out and blinking red light warning that says: "The accident booster." By this time the board stopwatch counted 270 seconds of flight. According to the calculations before entering orbit was still exactly the same amount of time, but the accident launch vehicle meant that the ship will not reach the calculated orbit, so shall operate an automatic emergency rescue system, causing the lander spacecraft with cabin separated from the rocket and the rush to ground.

And in that moment, amid reports of the Mission Control Center, which then sounded normal, then just die down, the astronauts again heard those same strange sounds similar to the inept imitation of the human voice. Understand their meaning, like the last time they failed, and they wondered how to channel radio communication intended solely for the crew with the Control Center can connect any stranger … When at an altitude of 192 kilometers lander with a crew thrown from the launch vehicle, Lazarev and Makarov have experienced tremendous overload, many times greater than normal "earth" gravity. They have not only due to a sharp movement in the shooting of the machine from the distress rockets, but also because of its indiscriminate "tumbling" in the first seconds after the shooting. But soon the machine under the influence of automatic stabilization system stopped and began to tumble gently fall to the ground gave way to the state of weightlessness Congestion Soon, however, the situation changed again, the cabin began to vibrate, the vibration intensity grew rapidly, and in the ports were dancing flames: the lander entered the dense layers of the atmosphere. At this point in Baikonur already knew that from the launch vehicle accident. Now all worried one thought: if properly responded to this critical situation spacecraft life support system? But here came the voice from the speaker Lazarev, and the hall heard the cheers, then, the astronauts alive and working relationship with them!

Almost as soon as possible to determine the position of the landing vehicle, he was over the Altai Mountains, near the border with China and about two thousand kilometers from Baikonur.

"Attention, you're on the South-Western Altai! — Gave the astronauts from the Control Center. — Falls in the mountains, be attentive and careful search and rescue team has already flies Hold on, you will soon find!"

Lazarev and Makarov knew that the warning center — not just empty words. Below them were hard snow-capped mountain peaks up to 3000 meters, steep cliffs, steep slopes, precipices … But here's the astronauts felt a powerful jolt, and the descent cab stopped. They finally were on solid ground. Now, according to the regulations, any member of the crew must press the button on the unit, fire back parachute from lander to the giant dome, filling the air under the influence of a gust of wind, not the cab dragged along the ground, that for a given terrain would be fraught with great danger. But both cosmonauts are so exhausted that at the time just could not move. Meanwhile cubicle still remains stationary and is located in an almost vertical position. After a while, Lazarev and Makarov felt already able to move, but some inner voice insistently advised them not to touch the button ejection chute. They opened the door and got out.

From the fact that the astronauts saw it was not myself. Some kind of wonderful power canopy thrown over the cliff ledge, covered with dense bush, and only thanks to the fact that the dome onto the hooked him natyanuvshiesya slings held lander on a steep hillside, which is a few meters below the dropped off into a deep abyss.

When night fell, the astronauts made a fire. Soon the sky above them there were planes, they signaled that they found the landing, and flew away. Wind dispersed the clouds that covered the sky in the evening, and verse. And suddenly the astronauts heard a whistle in the air rising at the same time saw the stars in the sky a luminous object hovering above them. Determine its shape, height above the ground, the astronauts could not. They saw a bright spot, sparkling violet light. The subject was on them for half a minute, and then, as if making sure that everything is in order, disappeared as suddenly as it had appeared.

— I still do not only have no doubt that when we saw the UFO with your own eyes, but it is absolutely certain that the object was trying to establish contact with us by using our radio channel, — said Vasily Lazarev in an interview with the West German journalists during his stay in London on a private visit in 1996, and added: — I think that only through his intervention when we landed safe and sound in the Altai, the mountainous terrain, terrain which looked more like the moon than the Earth's.

When reporters asked Lazarev why neither he nor Makarov after returning to Baikonur have not said anything about UFOs, he said that in the days when pilots or astronauts reported seeing unidentified objects in the sky or some supernatural phenomena, they been suspended from further operations. More Lazarev said that the film, which were recorded all their conversations with the Control Center and which clearly tapped the very enigmatic sounds subsequently scrutinized. The results of research he did not know, but it is known that after the film disappeared under mysterious circumstances.
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