Creeping Pereyaslavskaya happy

Creeping Pereyaslavskaya happy: fusion of the country as an administrative fact.
21 November 2011 Andrey Sorokin

Something tells me that's the way — casually, on the sly, without slogans, demonstrations, accompanied by officious boring words — all will eventually happen.

On Friday, nothing special really happened. Just presidents of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan signed another set of conventions and declarations have launched another tedious process of harmonization of standards, indicators, tariffs and any other nepafosnoy nonsense, once established a supranational body of the Union, passing it the next sovereign power to you … No plot, no you intrigue. On the TV show — and it really is nothing.

It is because before that it was — quietly. Unnamed officials in a few years turned nepodschitannyh ton pieces of paper scribbled lines kilometers defaced, wiped thousands of pants on bureaucratic gatherings. Shy and stubborn Sergei Glazyev prodolbil through all the appropriate authorities Customs Union (still tons of … thousands of miles …, …).

All this tyagomotina, swinging and critical mass, has transformed the reunification of the subject of intellectuals debate in administrative unavoidable fact. Cancel this fact — is now obvious — you can only nuclear carpet bombing.

Psychological point of no return has been passed. She broke into a You know who his October article in "Izvestia". Article, by the way, too boring-working and are not formally duhopodemnoy: skulosvodyaschy progress report and statement of the next tasks which are technically prepared.

That's where the barrier and demolished.

Of public verbal streams issued suverenitetno-nationalist marginalitet who specialized in proving the objectivity of the collapse of the country's reunification and uselessness. Well, yes, "Bialowieza discourse" after twenty years of being in the formal status was where it belongs — where the motor is at the "constipation". The King was not just naked, but do not king, as well — the homeless, stinking in the throne room by an oversight of the guard.

There, in the trash, issued a well-meaning fiction about the "occupation of Ukraine", "bombing of Georgia", "MiGs in Riga" and other "punishment of traitors."

It turned out that futile debate "reunion — no reunion" is not an object.

There are only applied problems that marginalitet nor discuss, nor, especially, can not solve. Not adapted.

No, there is still frail space where you can insert either side of sacramental "we are warned." I'm here for some reason that January will reveal a lot of misunderstandings field, for example, in the Customs Union — well, there can be such that the offices provided for all. This is not a Russian tradition.

But I'm more confident that misunderstandings will razrulili. Dull and inconspicuous.

And that, once Nursultan Nazarbayev mention of military and political integration — and it is inevitable. Because it's thought out, coordinated and prepared to work non-public order. Well, or — is thought out, coordinated and prepared. Its course.

Barrier … demolished. Outside marginaliteta are just people and authorities to make their work on the part of the integration, and the people who casually used to the fact that our country really will not do. That here it is in place. And what's not in it any politically incorrect.

It is obvious that the country wants to grow together again. And officials remains, at least, it does not get in the way, as a maximum — sposopeshestvovat. The more they are engaged in the duties.

By the way, do you remember that very soon — the anniversary of "Belovezhskaya agreements?" Well, right. Forget. It was just a nightmare. Nothing to all sorts of nonsense hammer head itself

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