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15.02.11.Sklony, which faces the house number 19 and 56 on the Topol-1 regional center, the slow slide into the beam. If urgent measures are taken, in one terrible day will be wiped off the face of the earth rank 16-storey houses.

Name Dnepropetrovsk zhilmassiva Topol has become synonymous with June 6, 1997, when a landslide in a matter of minutes were devoured skyscraper, school, kindergarten. Since then, Poplar, becoming synonymous with man-made disaster, often appears in the plans of anti-work.

But the fact that this zhilmassiv actually lives on a "powder keg", the government once again chooses not to look like. And in this "barrel", despite the outward prosperity and stability continue to go destructive processes.

An explosion can occur at any time. But this time the scale of the tragedy will be even more terrible. If in the near future Dnepropetrovsk officials did not take all the necessary measures, in one terrible day from the face of the earth will be erased an entire rank 16-storey houses. The first multi-section can collapse the 56th house, pulling the string of high-rise buildings, the inhabitants of which fit to write to death row.

The slope in front of the beam collapses

House number 19 on the street Zaporozhye highway stands right on the edge of the Tunnel beam. Cross the road, go through the ranks of the cellars (some of which have already failed) — and we are at the edge of a new and growing before our eyes landslide. Vladimir G. Pine, who lives in the area, shows and comments on the terrible picture:

— Earlier to drain rain and melt water on a slope concrete beams worked trough — now, as you can see, they are left only ruins. Every month, a huge bed of land sags, creating a slope failures such Terrace. These faults loess soils fall flows rain and melt water, destroying the soil even more. This landslide is "going" in the direction of houses! Last year, nearly collapsed tower transmission lines.

Indeed, power lines literally hang over the landslide faults. What happens in the ground after each rain and melting snow? Soil absorbs moisture, in the depths of the slope is likely to grow underground bog lake. In one terrible moment, it can break out, pulling a gap all around. As happened in the neighborhood June 6, 1997 …

Extremely dangerous in this area confirms the chief geologist of Dnipropetrovsk Control Home Protection of Valeria Sichkar:

— In the Soviet era, it was already a landslide area near house number 19 was built defenses, but they have long since been destroyed. New landslide progresses mast LEP has actually hang on concrete blocks that do not have a reliable ground support. Given the proximity of the landslide to homes, an urgent need to revive the landslide program and, most importantly, to allocate funds. We look forward with fear and spring water flow, which can exacerbate the very situation in the area.

High-rise buildings lay on each other

— I curse the day that has bought an apartment in this house! — Exclaims N. Albina Fedorchenko, since 2004 living in the 1st block of the house number 56 on the street. Zaporozhye highway. — To live in this "Leaning Tower" is simply terrible. I sleep well at night, I can not: the walls crack, and this cod — just creepy!

Sight in this yard and really frightening. The 56th house is composed of seven units, all of which are similar to rehash the company. The first block is literally lies on the second, third — leaning on the fourth, the fourth — the fifth and so on.

Invited me to the residents of these houses Marzhanovsky Yu, A. Fall, N. Belokon, VG Pine and their neighbors fear telling:

— The situation is critical, not only in the 56th, but also the neighboring 60th, 40th, and other high-rise buildings. During the construction of our house between the blocks left technological openings of 300 mm for the control of verticality 16-storey houses, the buildings were operated sensors and roll stabilization system of the building. As you can see, there were only openings at the bottom — the top of buildings lie on each other. All equipment raskurocheno long as the sensors do not need to — and so it is clear that the blocks just lie on top of each other. If it were not for these "props", we would have long since collapsed houses. Because of the worsening of heel houses apartments upper floors crawl cracks running inclined elevators creak and wedge. Even a layman can see: the situation crossed a critical threshold. Ground under the foundations still soaked by rain, melt water, leaks from livnevok and sewerage networks. Close to our homes is a technical conduit UMZ of the three branches of large diameter — can leak from there.

Who complained about not only the residents of the alarming situation — the governor, the mayor of Dnipropetrovsk, profile officials. But so far the only authority that supported the requirement Topolcany protect their homes from possible collapse, were the representatives of Ministry of Emergency Situations. In particular, the Chief of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Dnipropetrovsk region, Viktor Butkovskii in an official letter to the mayor of Dnipropetrovsk expressed concern: "the Office MOE has repeatedly informed the Dnipropetrovsk city council about the need to monitor the water table in the area and the implementation of anti-precautionary measures, but to date these issues are not solved. "

In response, officials agree, yes, the situation is alarming, measures must be taken. That's just from one year to the means of these measures are not allocated. After all, even the urgent work that followed Topolsky tragedy have been only 70-80 per cent, which is why many engineering structures (storm drains, drainage, dewatering wells) are not functioning up to now! So — there is no protection from the escalating threat of landslide.

With the ghost house is falling slab

A good example of what can happen to their homes, and with them, these tenants — literally before our eyes. Very long multicell skyscraper with 800 apartments with the address of the Topol-1, 9 can serve as a backdrop for a horror movie. Building — even more eloquent sort of falling tower of Pisa. "Kiva" beam house has long been resettled, raskurochen vandals and vagabonds. During the years of "middle" of the building is so deformed that the pieces are falling down huge slabs.

— Why is this house abandoned city government in the lurch? — Puzzled residents. — Ever since he prishibet fragment of someone's child!

Terrible not only this "monument" to landslides and mismanagement. Where anxiety — a situation that house ghost. There lies the sewer, which occur regularly leaks and breaks. A couple of months ago, "Vecherka" wrote about another such catastrophe. A few days streams of muddy water gushing down the slope beam, until we raised the alarm, and finally eliminated the leak. But such breakthroughs are recurrent. And, then again and again in the already unstable soil away tons of water … "powder keg" waiting in the wings.

— The situation on the Topol only superficially impression prosperous, stable, — agrees Valery Sichkar. — Geological studies of the area show that there are threatening processes, the level of technological risk is extremely high. If on the next Falcon water table at a depth of 10-12 meters, on the Topol-1 — only 4-5 meters. Hence, leakage of networks and communications continue despite the brave assurances utility of favorable situation. Certainly exacerbate picture soaked slope beam and emergency breakthroughs of sewage and storm sewers. The state of the 9th house we watch. But city officials have not yet decided what to do with it: to repair or dismantle. Although, in my opinion, the design is already in such poor condition that it would cost more than the restoration of a similar construction of a new home.

Great hope in the struggle against landslides associated with the regional program of elimination and prevention of these processes. Its relevance, we have already reported. But when it will work? Specialists landslide management report: now they are busy emergency reworking of the city program to combat man-made processes, which was adopted in 2005, but was never funded. Will the money for its implementation now — that's the main question. Axe threat of landslides is listed on the first Topol …

Text: Konstantin Shrub

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