Croatia has found ancient astrological table

January 20, 2012 17:48

In the Croatian cave overlooking the Adriatic Sea detected one of the oldest (known to science) astrological tables: for such is defined (and define) the fate of a person depending on when he was born.

Board of ivory, whose age is estimated at more than two thousand years, not all survived. There are only thirty fragments engraved with signs of the zodiac in the Greco-Roman style. Researchers have spent several years trying to dig them out and put together.

Detail of the board with the image of Cancer (here and below is an illustration of the authors.)
Next to shards Alexander Jones of New York University (USA), Stash Forenbaher Institute of Anthropological Research (Croatia) and their colleagues have found thousands of fragments of vessels for wine in the Greek style.

From ancient times to have survived a lot of horoscopes — on papyrus, walls and the like, but not one of them, scientists believe, is not old enough to find a Croatian.

Spila cave (just "cave" in Croatian) near the village Nakovana well known archaeologists. In 1999 there began excavations of the section, which was blocked for about two thousand years ago. (Perhaps the cave was sealed by the Romans, in order to deprive the local fighters for independence of a safe haven.) Girlfriend Mr. Forenbahera (since she became his wife) has found a wide and low-pass length of almost ten meters. Crunched under their feet archaeologists thin limestone crust, which meant that a long time ago in a cave was empty. The researchers thought that they were going to open at least the tomb of Tutankhamun.

Archaeologists are not sure how the board came to the cave and where to build. Astrology originated in Babylon around the middle of the first millennium BC. e. and to the end of spread throughout the Eastern Mediterranean, becoming especially popular in Hellenistic Egypt. It was there that he formed astrological style that is practiced to this day.

Radiocarbon dating showed that the ivory of about 2200 years, that is, who gave her an elephant lived long before the appearance of this form of astrology. Ivory was valued very highly, and could be stored for decades before it was used to create the board. Pieces were attached to the plane (probably wooden) basis. Not all items are preserved.

In what is now Croatia, while the Illyrians lived. Ancient writers have a low opinion of them, but the archaeological evidence: they interacted with the Greek colonies and were a full part of Mediterranean civilization. It is possible that the cave to come back in some Greek astrologer and its mysterious gloom, next to a phallic stalagmites, a fancy wine sharpens gave their forecasts …

There is another, more plausible alternative: the Illyrian pirates robbed a passing ship, and then brought a strange, but clearly a magic item as a gift to their god-forgotten (probably cognate Dionysus), together with the foreign ceramic vessels. Incidentally, the last selected carefully: archaeologists have found only a few rough amphorae, used for the long haul. The fact that the cave served as a sanctuary, hint just phallic stalagmites, which cause superstitious barbarians at the thought of the presence here a transcendent entity.

Board failed to recover partially. Below are fragments devoted to Gemini, Pisces and Sagittarius.

Results of the study were published in Journal for the History of Astronomy.

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