Crocodile caused panic in the Mexican resort

© RIA Novosti.  Maria TobaccoSmall crocodile managed to get into the zone of luxury hotels in the Mexican resort town of Playa del Carmen, located 80 kilometers from Cancun, causing panic among tourists, said Thursday the Mexican media.
Alarm sounded vacationers themselves, who saw a dangerous reptile near the hotel. The alarm to the scene experts arrived from the Prosecutor General for Environmental Protection, which could drive the crocodile in the corner and then neutralize him. Reptile in the operation is not affected. Crocodile was taken to the nature reserve located close to the Island of Women.
How the crocodile could not get to the protected and fenced off from the outside world the resort of Playa del Carmen, is still unknown.
Experts environmental prosecutor's office issued an order to avoid further such incidents enclose site Important barriers to crocodiles and other dangerous animals are not unnerved tourists.

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