Crystal skull fate fake?

There is a legend that is hidden somewhere in the world 13 mysterious crystal skulls made felts Mayan, Aztec or omitted, which, if put together, will open almost all mankind secrets of the universe.

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At present there are three crystal skull — "skull in the British Museum," "skull from the Paris Museum of Man" and "Skull of Destiny" (or "Mitchell-Hedges skull).

Without going to the legends of origin "British" and "Paris" skulls, should be immediately noted that as a result made in January 2005 when the examination using a scanning laser microscope it was found that these two skulls were made in Germany in the XIX century and have no relationship to the Aztec-Maya Crystal skulls.

As for the "skull of destiny," his "story" is not so unambiguous.

On the one hand there is the conclusion of the laboratory of one of the most reputable companies in the field of quartz technology, "Hewlett-Packard" (Santa Clara, CA, USA) to the effect that:
— in the manufacture of "Skull of Destiny" is not used any metal tools;
— the whole process of grinding and polishing of rough shape, "Skull of Destiny", which was obtained by processing a single piece of quartz with diamonds, lasted for more than 250 years.
("Hewlett-Packard" researched "Skull of Destiny" in 1970).

On the other hand, Anna Mitchell-Hedges, who currently has the rights of ownership "Skull of Destiny", refuses to re-examination of the Crystal Skull at the present scanning electron microscope.

Given the very complicated story of occurrence of "Skull of Destiny" in the family of the Mitchell-Hedges, proved the existence of "fake" crystal skulls and the failure of today's owner of the skull to recent studies, there is a very real concern that "the skull of destiny" — is the most successful German fake jewelry XIX century .

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