Cyclone storm flooded several towns in Texas USA. Video


MOSCOW, Jan. 10 — RIA Novosti. Torrential rains caused by cyclone storm, flooded areas of the city of Houston, and a number of settlements in the U.S. state of Texas, thousands of people were without power, reports on Tuesday, television channel CNN.

Inclement weather, accompanied by heavy rainfall and gusty winds, collapsed on Monday at Harris County and Fort Bend. In some areas has dropped from 11 to 15 centimeters of precipitation over the past 12 hours. Some streets of settlements, including some areas of Houston, was flooded so badly that authorities were forced to close the road.

"Many roads were closed in some places is evacuation. In the District of we have about seven thousand people were left without electricity, "- said the representative of the emergency service agency in Fort Bend County.

In the emergency services have been reports of damage to homes and buildings.

Emergency Service in Houston one day carried about 30 rescue operations for people seeking help because of the floods.

According to preliminary data, the victims and victims.

The news sent by: Citada Pasaule

Source: RIA Novosti, AssociatedPress

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