Cyclone Udo crushes Ireland and Scotland. Video. Photo


24.05.11.Moschny storm raging off the coast of Ireland and Scotland. Wind gusts up to 180 km / hour, the storm breaks trees, tear roofs off houses and tear lines.
The cause of the stormy weather is a cyclone named Udo (Udo), located on the western coast Shotlandii.Uragan electricity deprived tens of thousands of homes. Police urges drivers to be extra careful on the roads.
Despite the fact that until the UK has not yet reached the volcanic dust, because of a strong hurricane airspace had to close.

Forecasters promised that night in the UK wind subsides, but the situation is exacerbated on the North Sea and the Norwegian Sea, where the storm is expected to force about 12 balls on the Beaufort scale (Beauforta). Some oil platforms off the coast of Norway have been evacuated.
Video: somebananna , CiderGuru

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