Damage from natural disasters in 2011 reached a maximum

Tsunami in Japan, March 2011

December 15, 2011.In 2011, the amount of damages caused by natural and man-made disasters, has broken all records, reaching a historic high. Cumulative losses amounted to about 350 billion dollars.

This assessment gave a Swiss company specializing in reinsurance. Experts stress that this is a preliminary calculation. Despite the fact that in 2011, the economic losses associated with the disaster, have reached the highest level in history, the amount of loss that is covered by insurance premiums this year reached the mark of $ 108 billion. This figure is second only to the performance in 2005, when insurers have suffered losses of $ 123 billion.

The most costly for the insurance companies have fees associated with earthquakes in Japan in March of this year ($ 35 billion) and in New Zealand the previous month (12 billion dollars). A total of 23.8 billion cost insurers hurricanes and tropical cyclones that hit this year by the United States, from 8 to 11 billion dollars — the floods in Thailand at $ 2.3 billion — floods in Australia, according to ITAR-TASS.

Source: finalnews.ru

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