Deadly new weapon of in the cargo containers … (The Washington Post, USA)

MOSCOW (Reuters) — Russian company introduces the latest weapons systems of cruise missiles that can be hidden in the ordinary shipping container, giving in to all this though what freighter aircraft carrier the opportunity to kill.

New deadly weapons Russia in cargo containers ... ('The Washington Post', США)

Possible customers harsh system «CLUB-K» are Iran and Venezuela, they say military experts.

"In one fell swoop, system enables a clear impact on long distances using ordinary ts, which can be moved to virtually least some place on earth without attracting attention to himself, "- said Robert Hewson of« Jane's Defense Weekly », which first revealed the existence of the system.

The marketing video clip of the "Club K" on the website of the manufacturer (Concern Morinformsystem-Agathe) in Moscow shows an imaginary tropical country under attack by land, sea and air with an aggressive neighbor.

In response, three cargo container with the "Club K" kitted out on a truck, ship and train, then applied to various locations devastating blow to the warships, tanks and airfields.

"The idea that you can hide a missile system in a box and ship it without attention, is fairly new, — said Hewson, who is editor of« Jane's Air-Launched Weapons ». — No one has done this before. "

Hewson estimated the price of the system, which is equipped with 4 cruise missiles hidden in a standard 40-foot shipping container, of $ 10-20 million.

New deadly weapons Russia in cargo containers ... ('The Washington Post', США)

"If the implementation of these systems will not be heavily monitored, there is a risk that they may fall into bad hands" — He said.

The marketing video on the company's website points out how ordinary shipping container with the "Club K" inside can be nestled in the middle of other containers on a train or ship. When you are ready, the roof of the container rises, and missiles take a vertical position, ready to start.

An official in the company "Concern Morinformsystem-Agate" is not desired to answer questions about the systems K Club on the phone.

He said that company does not have a representative on press relations and it will come in handy when that would study the issues and to consult with the management of the company.

Our homeland — one of the main exporters of weapons in the world, which sold a record 8.5 billion dollars in weapons to countries in the past year, the borders of Syria and Venezuela to Algeria and China. The number of orders for the supply of weapons is estimated to exceed $ 40 billion

Misha Drums, an expert on defense, "the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies", said that, as he realized system "Club K" is still in the development stage.

New deadly weapons Russia in cargo containers ... ('The Washington Post', США)

"Potential customers are all those who like the idea — he said. — It is clear that the United Arab Emirates have shown interest in buying the "Club K". "

Drum said that system uses proven missile design bureau "Innovator", a reliable Russian producer of weapons, such as surface-to-air missiles, anti-submarine systems, and missiles for launch from submarines.

New deadly weapons Russia in cargo containers ... ('The Washington Post', США)

One of these missiles — is special, created anti-ship variant with a second stage, which is peeled off after starting, accelerating to a speed of Mach 3.

"This is — a killer of aircraft carriers — Hewson said Jane. — If you are struck by one or with 2 of them, the kinetic impact would be … this is just horrendous. "

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