Death of fish in the lake deep in Kazan


5.05.12.Vsem those who are about to go on a holiday of a deep lake, breathe the pine wind, sit on the beach — it is better to change your plans.

Along the coastline of Deep Lake extraordinary amount of dead fish. The sight and smell of dead fish do not give a joyful cheer of the holiday and May. The picture in the Deep Lake opens quite depressing.

Despite the repulsive spectacle, the Ministry of Ecology argue that this is not a local ecological disaster, and the natural phenomenon of nature. Fish kill triggered not sunk in the waters of deep oil tanker, and the ice is too thick.

Because of the thickness of the ice as well as the release of nitrogen from the sediment and fish in the lake in winter suffer from oxygen starvation. Accordingly, after the melting of the ice crust on the surface of the mass fish surfaced remains of the fallen. It was they who had gathered on the banks of the lake.

The Ministry of Environment stated that the phenomenon occurs every winter, to a greater or lesser degree. Alleviate the suffering of the fish in the winter can be: it authorized service must punch the hole for 5-6 pieces per 100 square meters. Such a practice is quite normal, but it is not carried out in Kazan. We see a lack of time, there are better things to do.

CBM "Gorvodzelenhoz" in which your area lake Deep, declined to comment on the situation. By the way, on the eve of April 28, in Kazan were mass Saturdays. Sabbatarians have passed, and the fish and floating debris — remained. While the service dealt with, Deep Lake continues sad lullaby dead fish. Keep in mind, if you still meet for a picnic in that region.


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