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Hail in Kislovodsk

Uploaded OITkacheva, date: 05.06.2011

Hail in Novorossiysk

Uploaded MrNovoros11, date: 05.06.2011

Hail and thunder in Barnaul

Uploaded xthtgjr, date: 05.06.2011
Hail in Barnaul June 5, 2011. Appearance of a maximum of 200 meters

Hail in Omsk

Uploaded TheSaalex, date: 05.06.2011

Horrible GRAD in Primorye

Uploaded timatip, date: 05.06.2011
Owners hail battered car count ubytki.5 June. Summer here is lousy.

Hail in Blagoveshchensk

Uploaded Qazimodoz, date: 05.06.2011
Here is such a white peas fell on our heads June 5, 2011 goda.Po living flailed mighty well — tested

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