Destroyers receive future version of the ship C-500

Destroyers receive future version of the ship C-500
Destroyers (destroyers), which Our homeland must begin to create in 2016, will equip one ship missile system S-500. On this «Izvestia» said a source in the military-industrial complex. With all this, he noted that the development of the complex may be delayed because the first ships can equip systems of the previous generation S-400.
— The S-500 will be ready in the gland until 2014. Not the fact that we’re gonna bring her version of the ship in 2016. Because, possibly lead ship will be installed version of the ship C-400, which is actually ready. Later, he was exchanged for individual systems S-500 system. But the problem in the other — to work in near space have far rocket which hitherto not ready for either C-400 or C-500 for — noted «Izvestia».

System of aerospace defense S-500, which is promised to construct in 2015, will have to shoot down objects hovering at an altitude higher than 185 km away more than 3.5 thousand km from the launcher.

The latest development activities industrialists is S-400 system, which is able to destroy targets at a height of 5 m to 185 km. But such high-rise buildings need newcomer 40N6E missile, which can not be done for a couple of years. Launch of the next generation, which will be able to fly even higher, too, is open to question.

Newcomer distant missile for anti-aircraft missile systems S-400 has already passed the tests, it will soon go to the troops, said on Thursday (28.06.2012) RIA Announces Chief of Staff Air and Missile Defense Command troops Aerospace and Defense Minister, Major-General Andrei Demin .

«Far missile for S-400 is currently tested and recently go to the troops,» — he said.

Source «News» said that no missile defense complex will be unfit for combat, and compared the situation with submarines «Northwind» — the lead ship «Yury Dolgoruky» was launched in 2008, but due to problems with the missile «Bulava» to hitherto not adopted by the Navy.

In Concern PVO «Almaz-Antey» «News» refused to specify exactly which system they will develop new destroyers, arguing that «this issue is too early to open a discussion.»

At Severnaya Verf «Izvestia» confirmed that they will participate in the tender for the construction of destroyers, but noted that do not yet know what will be the project.

— What designers lay in this ship, we do not know. What lay — and then we will build. Currently works are in step design because something definite can be said only when the project will be approved by the head of the ship, — explained the representative of the shipyards.

The construction project of the last generation of destroyers with elements missile and defense for the Russian Navy has approved the fleet command. On Tuesday, June 26, correspondent of the Central Navy Portal (Central Navy Portal) said General Director of JSC «Northern Design Bureau» Vladimir Ilyich Spiridopulo.

«Northern Design Bureau is developing a project with promising abilities destroyer missile and space defense. On a new ship for the Navy will be provided special power plant «, — said Vladimir Spiridopulo Central Navy Portal correspondent during the signing of the act of reception and transmission of border patrol ship» Brilliant » for the Border Service of the Russian Federation, held at JSC «Shipbuilding Company» Diamond «.

According to Vladimir Spiridopulo, JSC «Northern Design Bureau» has already presented his vision of the ship to the high management of the Navy, including the Navy Commander Victor Chirkov, and received encouragement project.

«Now, the development of the project is active, — said General Director of the Bureau, the designer — but, we hope that in the near future will be able to conduct this work in the framework of the state defense order.»

In Northern PBC «News» told that the complex air defense destroyers will be new modular and interchangeable, but refused to specify characteristics of the system, referring to state secrets.

Retiring from 1 July of USC Roman Trotsenko told reporters that the anti-missile destroyers will be built in 2016 as a «reference point Russian space defense system in the world’s oceans.»

Editor in chief of the magazine «Arsenal Fatherland» Murakhovski Victor believes that the system C-400 or C-500 on new destroyers will provide cover for naval forces outside Russian territorial waters.

— U.S. currently developing the concept of «Prompt Global Strike» which implies a striking intercontinental ballistic and cruise missiles strategic U.S. for a few hours at least some part of the world, including naval forces. We have the same strong air defense system acts distant at the moment there — in fact, only the C-300F is on a single atomic cruiser — Murakhovski explained.

In addition, the expert stressed that the C-500 as opposed to the C-400, which is designed for air defense, created as a missile defense system, including it will be able to beat with hypersonic means that the United States develop intensively.

He stressed that the naval variant of the C-500, 56 samples which are going to buy up to 2020, are suitable only ships with a huge displacement, and the destroyer of the above — on corvettes and frigates C-500 will not fit.

Past Chief of Staff of the Strategic Missile Forces said Viktor Esin, «Izvestia», which refers to the development of a unified system of air and missile defense lines of.

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