Detailed map of Russia declassified


25.10.12.Pravitelstvo decided to stop all kinds of aerial and satellite imagery in Russia, as well as to remove restrictions on the preparation and use of detailed maps (more detailed than 5 thousand cm by 1 cm).

According to "News" Head of the Interregional public organization market promotion of geographic information technologies and services (GIS Association) Sergey Miller, an order for the approval of new listings on the secrecy of spatial data was signed by Minister of Economic Development Minister Andrei Belousov October 5. The orders been classified "For Official Use Only", so the ministry was not released. The press service of the Ministry of "News" to comment on its contents could not.

According to the GIS Association, document all restrictions on the use of aerial and satellite imagery on the principle that "all available human eye on Earth or from space should be open." Abolished any restrictions on the use of state of geographical and topographical maps and plans in line scales up to 5 thousand cm by 1 cm or more 1:50 000. Also removed all restrictions on the publication of coordinates of points continuously operating stations differential corrections, regardless of their affiliation and ownership.

Conversations that have survived from the Soviet era prohibitions on the precise coordinates and openly publish detailed maps are outdated and do not protect any more secrets, has been going on for over ten years on a variety of levels. For example, RDC, providing satellite imagery of the Earth, a few years suing Roscosmos stated in the license that the RDC can work with data with a resolution of 2 m per pixel. At the same time, and Google, Yandex and allow anyone wanting to see the map of Russia with six times the resolution.

Those who engaged in aerial photography, before the publication was to send it to the central office of the General Staff for approval — it was determined whether or not the photographs of sensitive sites. If such objects are, they painted over the military and the captured image retouched. The process of matching images could take up to three months. Now, do not need.

— The main thing that we can now use widely and without restriction of satellite geodesy — said Miller. — Previously this was not possible because the exact satellite geodetic measurements are obtained by taking the differential corrections. To get the exact coordinates of a receiver is not enough — you need to close was any permanent station with precise locations. With this station computes corrections to the information received from the satellites is usually possible within a radius of 50 km from the station. With these amendments, you get millimeter positioning accuracy. Of course, the station had to be tied to a particular coordinate system and to the State Geodetic Network. But you could not do it because of privacy. Now these stations and they transmit the amendment removed from the zone of privacy, and many thousands squad cadastral engineers an opportunity to obtain accurate coordinates of any property satellite methods.

Experts GIS Association predicts that with the introduction of a new list of spatial data secrecy will ease significantly the working conditions not only cadastral surveyors and engineers, but also local authorities. Them a free hand to the removal of restrictions on the detailed mapping — all precisely five thousand cm by 1 cm map was unclassified. Previously, professionals involved in the construction, had to come up with artificial ways to get around bans, for example, you set a time coordinate system, which allows you to perform high-quality work, but at the same time is not allowed to get the coordinates of an object in absolute terms. As a result, the country was at thousands of coordinate systems, the relationship between them (transition keys) were also classified. Now, in connection with the abolition of these restrictions, it is possible to create a single public space coordinate of the country — with a proposal to build it this summer, the government appealed RAS Vice President Nikolai Laverov (a copy of the treatment is in the "News").

In the non-commercial partnership "Promoting the development and use of navigation technologies" (NP GLONASS) "News" said that they were familiar with the text of the order.

Miller noted that the new list of the remaining items, which allows us to treat of the meter as harming state security.

— On the one hand bans lifted, and on the other — if what you describe coordinate, reveal the location of strategic sites or facilities subject to man-made accidents, then you become the violator, — he explained. — This point is very interested and allows nekonkreten treatment by the security forces. It is a pity that it could not overcome. The problem is that the list of objects, the coordinates of security zones that will be known to all, do not exist. Therefore, law enforcement agencies, if desired, have every reason to accuse you of issuing coordinate military unit, gas, oil, nuclear power and other such objects, by whom you once passed, recording tracks for their movement.

Source in one of the surveying company told "Izvestia", which is the order of the closed nature of the ministry of this manual Rosreestra.

— Rosreestr promised to find a way to bring the essence of the new order to the public. Surely some excerpts will be published, but there are people who work with documents. Rather, the document will be distributed through a private mailing list of professional market participants in their written request.

The press service of the Russian Register this statement left without comment. # ixzz2AZ6QJzTs

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