Died Boris Strugatsky.

Died Russian science fiction writer Boris Strugatsky, "Ekho Moskvy" referring to his friend Boris Vishnevsky. Strugatsky died Nov. 19 at a hospital — according to Wisniewski, in the last few days, doctors assessed his condition as extremely serious. According to RIA Novosti, the cause of death was heart disease. The writer was 79 years old.

Boris Strugatsky was one of the most famous Soviet and Russian science fiction writers of the XX century. In collaboration with his brother Arkady he wrote about 30 novels and novellas, including became iconic "Monday begins on Saturday", "It's hard to be a god" and "Roadside Picnic".

Works by Strugatsky repeatedly portrayed. The most famous film "Stalker", filmed by Andrei Tarkovsky "Roadside Picnic" in 1979, also known painting "The Days of Eclipse" by Alexander Sokurov and "Inhabited Island" by Fyodor Bondarchuk.

After his brother's death in 1991, Boris Strugatsky published several works written by him alone, such as the novel "Powerless this world" (released in 2003 — under the pseudonym S. Vititsky, as well as some other works Strugatsky). In addition, since 2002, Strugatsky was editor of the literary magazine "Noon. XXI Century ".

Boris Strugatsky — winner of the President of Russia in the field of literature and art and holder of the Order of Merit, as well as a number of other honors and awards.

Katerli writer Nina, the girlfriend of Boris Strugatsky, who died on November 19, said that the cause of his death was severe pneumonia, according to RIA Novosti.

According to Nina Katerli, the writer has long been ill with leukemia, and therefore in the beginning of November, went to the hospital to undergo general survey. "Apparently, when he fell ill with pneumonia — may have caught cold, and maybe a virus," — said the writer.

Earlier it was reported that the cause of his death was heart disease.

Nina Katerli added that during his illness forbade writer friends to talk to him about his health and said that feels good.

According to the writer, it is not known where he is buried Strugatsky. "Because of his brother's ashes were scattered from a helicopter, nothing to say about that I can not" — she added.


Very sad news. I grew up on their works: "Roadside Picnic", "Monday begins on Saturday" … Never forget the two brothers, without them, domestic fiction would be much "poorer".


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