Disarmament delayed action

Disarmament delayed action

Without concessions U.S. ABM Our homeland will not open a discussion reduction of nuclear arsenals
Yesterday ended a two-day visit to Moscow by U.S. Undersecretary of State Rose Gottemoeller. She came to discuss two main issues: the possibility of the upcoming reduction of nuclear arsenals of Russia and the U.S. and cooperation agreement, which may come to replace the Nunn-Lugar program there. First topic, as explained by «b» sources in the Defense Ministry and Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation does not consider «the issue last time» — First, because of disagreements on missile defense. By the second same topic as said «Y» Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, the parties «have moved forward.»

The other day visit Rose Gottemoeller said she went to Moscow to negotiate a brand new agreement to reduce nuclear arsenals, which «shrink on all categories of weapons — strategic and non-strategic, deployed and non-deployed.» As already wrote «b», in a white house said: Russia and the U.S. without harm to security may abandon half warheads. If Moscow refuses to consider this idea, whitewashed house can enlist the support of 2-thirds of the senators and begin to reduce one-sided manner.

In Moscow, the proposal Washington were skeptical. Source: «b» the General Staff of the Russian Federation referred to the U.S. initiative «does not meet current realities,» and the idea of ​​one-sided disarmament — «political move.» «Using this occasion, they want us to soften stance on missile defense dilemma» — says the source «b». «For us, defense — the cornerstone of the question. Without the agreements in this field for the next Russian arsenals reduction will not go «- confirmed source» b » the Foreign Ministry. According to him, Moscow and Washington seek out options for providing guarantees of the Russian Federation is not directed US-NATO missile defense system on its nuclear deterrent force that does not require approval by the U.S. Congress (as opposed to legally binding guarantees, which previously insisted the Russian Federation). But so far, according to the interlocutor, «b», a compromise has been found.

In his view, before the talk about the forthcoming reduction of arsenals, Moscow considers necessary to fulfill the requirements of the contract START. «And if you and talk about the package agreement, we want to build it and strategic nonnuclear weapons, but Washington is not ready, — explained the source» b. «- And remains the problem of the imbalance (in favor of the United States. — «b») in the ordinary weapons. In general, it is obviously not an issue last time. «

Were more effective negotiations on the second topic — discussion agreement designed to change the program from the Nunn-Lugar program, which since the early 1990s at the expense of the United States eliminated excess Russian nuclear weapons and chemical weapons. Russian authorities have decided not to extend the term expiring in June this programmki act, declaring that our homeland is no longer need for subsidies.

In the course of negotiations with representatives of the Russian Federation Rose Gottemoeller announced the conditions under which Moscow would sign a new agreement with Washington in this field. Earlier sides «b» the Foreign Ministry and the Defense Ministry says that it should be «based on equality» (See «Kommersant» on February 4).

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said yesterday «Kommersant» that Moscow «was satisfied with the content of consultations» on this issue. «We are moving forward. State that we have gained any interchanges or breakouts, I would not. But despite the differences, the dialogue goes, «- he said. The question «b» when a new agreement, the diplomat said figuratively: «We do not have gained the last station when everyone should get out of the cars, sit down, take a pen and sign something.»

Meanwhile, the outlook for PIR Center President Vladimir Orlov, prepare a draft agreement, the parties would have in the coming months — for the meeting of Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama, to be held in September on the sidelines of the G20 summit in St. Petersburg. Expert says: Substitute contract Nunn-Lugar program should come brand new programm — for 10 years, but more small-sized volume of funding and number of projects. «Value should be the introduction of a positive experience applets Nunn-Lugar program for projects in third countries — he said» b. «- Deriving South American applets assist from Russia, we not only eliminate an anachronism, and will remove the unhealthy type questions of responsibility for harm. » Recall that in the framework of the Nunn-Lugar programs from South American contractors hired to work in Russia, bore no responsibility for the tragedy and PE that occurred through their own fault.

According to Vladimir Orlov, the latest programs from within the Russian Federation and the United States could produce projects in CIS countries — for example, to increase safety in the nuclear industry. In the Middle East they could deal with retraining nuclear scientists, chemists and biologists military from Iraq and Libya. In addition, the Russian Federation and the United States could implement projects to combat the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Southeast Asia. Sergei Ryabkov recalled «Kommersant»: Russia and the United States already have experience of cooperation in third countries. «This is a promising and necessary direction. Disposition to cooperate on these issues have not only on our part, but according to my feelings, and the American «- summed emperor Ryabkov.

Lena Chernenko, Ivan Safronov

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