Discharge current can awaken a man of genius and a phenomenal ability to open

December 26, 2011 20:28

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Researchers from the University of Oxford (UK) found: mathematical ability of people to clearly increase after exposure to weak currents to a specific area of the brain. Effect lasts up to six months.

Researchers from the University of Oxford (UK) found: mathematical ability of people to clearly increase after exposure to weak currents on certain areas of the brain. Effect lasts up to six months. In the study, researchers at the first block of test volunteers right parietal area of the brain, and then asked them to perform mathematical calculations. Ability to operate with the numbers of people with sharply falling. With stimulation of low-current, the right parietal area of the brain, scientists recorded neural connection to the left a similar area. The mathematical abilities of the subjects to increase sharply. They were able to quickly and accurately perform calculations with numbers that have been encoded in a special way. Cause of the phenomenon scientists see that under the influence of weak current creates a permanent neural connections between the right and left parietal areas of the brain. Scientists admit that working on the areas that have counterparts on the other side of the brain, we can improve the performance and other mental functions. Now researchers want to understand whether there is a new method of side effects.

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Beat God

Julia Vorobieva

Julia Vorobieva with granddaughter

Special Correspondent "MK" was hosted by the legendary healer, whose name is a female x-ray.

About her legends. She devoted poems and novels. About her talent written dozens of books.

Since then, many years have passed.

Today Julia Vorobieva not talk to the press, quiet lives in a suburb of Donetsk on a modest pension disability.

For the first time in recent years, she agreed to talk about yourself, "MK" the whole truth.

March 3, 1978 in Donetsk mine Petrovsky Crane Julia Vorobieva took a shift, sat in the cockpit, click on. And then … crack, flash, bounce — discharge current of 380 volts, then the experts will appreciate.

Vorobiev, died on the spot.

Her body was taken to the morgue.

Two days after the tragedy came to the hospital morgue, student interns, led by the curator of the course. "Cut off the little finger of his feet," — said the head of the corpse Crane course one of the guys. After a moment of the little finger cut off blood gushing …

On the same day all Donetsk discussed latest sensation: died of electrocution woman alive.

Almost a year in the hospital Vorobyov. And when I first went out, I almost went crazy. She saw the bodies of passers like X-ray machine.

Since then, for Julia Feodorovna started a new life.

Its scientists surveyed around the world, it is "scanned" by Yuri Andropov, Boris Yeltsin, Mikhail Gorbachev and Viktor Chernomyrdin, the whole structure of the Soviet Politburo and the first cosmonaut. Diagnoses the Soviet pop stars, artists, film and theater.

A woman has never made a mistake in their forecasts.

"The doctors are powerless in my case. I did not take anesthesia "

— I'm tired of dealing with people, I do not want anymore. And I can not. How much energy over the years have given people. No wonder they say: you burn yourself, light to others. I did not do it for a long time treatment, limits diagnostics. Previously, after each release on my block lined up live place. Came from all over the world! Police guarded the entrance. But, I have not frequented with a sore throat, and with a much more serious illness. Scientists who have studied, claimed that during the "view" of man I impede on all bodies functioned only the brain and heart. As the "look" of the patient, I immediately became ill. In the research institute found that after scanning my patient had then for 8 hours, all areas abundantly supplied with blood. But we know that most of our diseases — because of circulatory disorders. What to say, was a young, I always seemed curious about his health did not think … According to scientists, have electromagnetic radiation of millimeter range. I see something that does not show an ultrasound.

— When the first time realized that with you is something wrong?

— After waking up in the morgue, I was transferred to the hospital trauma. Next to me was a woman in the House. Once she visited relatives. After they left, I blurted, "You will soon be a funeral." And she was scared of what was said. How could I have a plump? The next day his father passed away this woman. It was the first bell … And when I got out, looked around — and I felt bad, I saw the bodies of passers-by.

— So, besides the fact that you shine through internal organs, you can anticipate some events?

— I'm not dedicated to this. For example, the first time I was with her husband and three children huddled in a small "kopeck piece". In 1984, I was told to watch our countryman, astronaut Onshore, at home. Before his visit, I was visited by the head of administration of Donetsk and horrified, the conditions in which I live. A few days later we were given a new three-room apartment. And before I had a housewarming our move — I saw the same apartment house district. Here is how to explain this? Yes million of such cases. I went recently to visit my daughter. The whole family is crawling on the carpet, looking for a lost needle. I just looked at the floor and immediately found. If someone tells me. I do not even think I can read. Recently, the store asked the man: "What about $ 600 you think". Order already shuddered: "I underpaid for the injured." And recently, I got calls from the program "Malakhov Plus". To participate in the transfer, I refused, but on the phone said the master of his problems with the stomach and added what his shirt at the moment.

— A more serious experiments in this area, you conducted?

— It was in France. Me experimented serious scientists from different countries. Put in front of me 4 photos. I had to follow the fate of the person pictured on each card. At first I saw a man with a cigar. "Three months ago, he had died of AIDS," — I said. Committee members nodded their heads. On the second card was a picture of a girl. "It will draw" — clicked in my head. That girl grew up and became an artist-animator. The next picture — a woman in a white coat. I immediately saw that the lady was not a doctor, an actress. And again, to a point. In the last photo — the face smiling boy 6-7 years. "This child was born with an abnormality of the upper and lower extremities." And then I stopped asking questions. The boy was disabled since childhood, was born without arms and legs. Later, I learned that all the cards were scanned — and copies of photos should not give information.

The Japanese conducted experiments. Put in front of me a dozen people on crutches. It was necessary to determine which of them imposed a false cast. Also, I had to scan the contents of the stomach of people. Moreover, it was necessary not only to find out that he had eaten a comrade, and the color was eaten plum or what drink was drunk.

— Can you think that this gift will bring you the glory?

— Yes, what you are saying? Initially, physicians generally claimed that I live no longer than three weeks. I like tryahanulo! 380 volts! Three days in the morgue. Blood curdling. Such things do not go without leaving a trace. For 32 years I have a terrible sore feet. I feel a hell of a pain — the soul parted from the body! I have broken blood circulation. I have to wear rubber overshoes and winter and summer — nothing more nalezaet.

— As they say, a shoemaker without shoes …

— Doctors in my case powerless. I was sent for examination to Germany. Doctor shrugged: "You can not be repaired. From the painful shock can die on the table. " At me because anesthesia is not valid. That's tooth was broken, and I can not see a doctor — not the strength to endure the pain. I remember once I became interested ophthalmologist Svyatoslav Fyodorov. He explored my vision. Since its equipment diagnosed that I'm blind. Or rather, one eye does not see, and the other — only 0.003 percent.

— Did you go to the doctor, who had the same abilities as you have?

— He came to our town is one such healer. I went, I thought, perhaps, with the legs will help. He began to look at me, "You appendicitis." I was surprised, because I cut out the appendix in 1972. In general, up to my feet, so we did not reach …

"For seven years I served the Ninth Directorate of the KGB"

— It is known that among the many healers charlatans …

— The Charlatans have always been. Remember the people who do the intricate hand surgery? So it was a dramatization, not more. And today's battle of psychics — just a show. But now, people all over the trust. It used to be more skeptical. I had to pass a difficult test to prove its relevance. In 1993, I was sent to Switzerland to the World Congress of parapsychologists. It brought together world luminaries in the field of paranormal phenomena. Hall could accommodate about 7000 spectators. For a well-known witch carrying a 20-meter cable, on her head was a crown. Participants should have experience in diagnosing the man to determine what is wrong with him. Each of us to go out and make different assumptions. No one noticed, even the lady with a crown, a patient heart is located on the right side. I told him about it. Explained that he had narrowing of the mitral valve to 2 millimeters. Ranked first, received an honorary degree, and I was invited to play in the Bern Parliament. And later, in a Swiss city I put a monument — a sculpture of a woman who "looks" girl.

— Is it true that you had to revive the man?

— In 1987 I was asked to look at the 8-month-old son of a senior official of the Central Committee of Georgia. The boy was in a car accident, went into a coma. I arrived in Tbilisi. Looked at the child and found a blood clot, which did not give the baby to live. 40 minutes later, I was working over the patient. As a result, the child opened his eyes filled with blood. Now aged 23, he lives in Russia, gave a lot of interviews on the subject. But we are no longer met. After the case the Georgian government offered me to stay in Tbilisi. Allocated an apartment in a prestigious area, a house on the beach. But I do not enjoy the benefits. Somehow it was uncomfortable …

— You're still working with the astronauts?

— Head of the Star City Sergey Ponomarev gave me this advice: "No U.S. can not be compared from Sparrow." For three years, I've looked around all the astronauts before flight. After that I was made an honorary citizen of Star City.

— You worked in secret facilities … So, gave a subscription to disclose?

— No subscriptions, I did not give, it was all in words. I kept my promise. 20 years no one knew about my secret work. But now time has passed … I'm supposed to be invited to give the government seven years I served the Ninth Directorate of the KGB.

— Well, most of Yuri Andropov "watched"?

— Andropov I watched his government dacha. It was a short conversation. I do not want to talk about it. Why? I always go away from this topic. I disliked this period of life. I even have my heart starts to ache when I remember.

— With some of the well-known political figures have remained cordial relationship?

— With people like special communication could not be. I was given an audience for 10-15 minutes. Only with Viktor Chernomyrdin, we found common ground. I came to his dacha at 5:00 pm. And stayed until 4 am. And I'm very grateful to the Minister of Defense Dmitri Ustinov. It was so. I am often asked to see someone from illegally patients Kremlin clinic. Patients did not name names. And while few people on TV show, in person, I knew almost no one. I wrote out a pass, I walked to the hospital — and there are all alike in identical gowns. And led me to Ustinov. He had serious problems with the feet and the vessels. I watched him, his hands numb knees. He told me about his children, and then I could not stand. Burst into tears. At the time, my son was sent to serve in Afghanistan, and I did not know anything about his fate. Ustinov frowned and said, "Your son will be at home on October 16." This I found out later that he had talked with the Minister of Defense. It takes a month and a half after our meeting. On the calendar — October 16. I thought I'd forgotten about that conversation. Suddenly, at 5 am, the doorbell … son back …

— But before you serve the members of the Politburo, he had something to prove itself?

— The best advice I was given Yulian Semyonov. Our meeting with the writer organized the chief of the 9th Division of the KGB in Yalta hotel "Intourist". I remember we sat opposite each other. He stripped to the waist. I started to watch it. Spoke about his pressure on the right kidney problem … He smiled, saying that you told me about the doctors. It was only when I told him about the scar from the waist down, he braced himself: "This is no one knew." Then I watched his daughters. She told me that one was operated on ingrown toenails. Identifies and other diseases. Later confirmed my words diagnosticians U.S. hospitals. After that, we became friends with Semenov. He even dedicated my novel "Auction" and appointed an audience with Patriarch Pimen.

— As far as I know, you looked and General Romanov?

— Yes, I was driven to the hospital Burdenko. But with Romanov was originally an impossible situation. I watched Raisa Gorbachev and Mitterrand couple. Talked with Emanuel Vitorganom and Alla Balter, Willie Tokarev and Igor Krutoy, Bones Raikin and Petrosian. Lord, all the talk about — and a week is not enough.

— With so familiar you were to become a millionaire!

— What is it? I even bought tickets to Moscow at their own expense. Money for treatment never asked. Give — well, no — do not. Even now, when I am asked, "What do you need?" — I said, "Yes, no nothing." But I was even home to heat it with. Disability, I get 210 hryvnia — is $ 23. Plus minimum pension drips — 630 hryvnia — as are people who have never worked. And I did so many years treated people! Last year I came adviser Yushchenko promised to take care of the increase to my pension. Cheated. Forgotten me. Well, the children help. I myself would not have survived these pennies. And my husband, I had buried long ago.

"All my life I was persecuted"

— In the 90's, many healers have earned big money, collected stadiums were on TV, charge the water …

— I also offered to make money this way. Chumak offered to cooperate. But I can only see an individual person. Kashpirovsky one interviewer called me "pribabahnutoy shock." I'm not offended. I will tell you as to the spirit, I admire his gift. He is a man of the future. Kashpirovsky has power, which has not yet been studied, there is not even a conversation. He's not a fraud. I'm with him I can not even compete. That's just he needs to keep himself under control. Must fight with glory …

— What can you say about the Bulgarian healer Vanga?

— Up to Vanga, I did not get. I had an invitation from her, and at the same time of Rajiv Gandhi. I chose to go to India. I want to say about Vanga … People had come up with. Journalists write about it in order to earn a living. It is known that poor woman just exploited. She did not know Russian, worked from morning till night, and nobody was interested in — whether it is fed, healthy you. Gamzatov Rasul told me that Wang told him to hide manuscripts in the country. He did so. All manuscripts burned. My friend recalled that an appointment to Vanga lined up in long lines. When she went to her healer muttered a few words in Bulgarian and silent. My friend did not even have time to realize that Wang said, as did the team of her aides, "Next." Just in time there were craftsmen who have learned to do business on the healer.

— Julia F., you are treated as colleagues?

— Once the rector of Donetsk Institute of Artificial Intelligence Anatoly Shevchenko invited me to speak in front of luminaries in the field of paranormal phenomena. After the event, I was approached by one famous witch and whispered, "You're going to die, a curse upon you." Then he asked an old man: "I'll make sure you paralyzed." That day, I barely made it to the house. Crawled into bed, and I have lost the use of his legs. I did all my life, until healed, was persecuted. Nuns came to me, tore the door off its hinges, I broke off on clothes. Once, I almost poured acid, narrowly escaped a car crash.

— But your children and grandchildren certainly do not need doctors?

— Honey, that's the problem — I do not see their loved ones. It is not given to me. I spoke with many of the old men, I was told that this physician can not see relatives. Perhaps it is not necessary. Otherwise, you can go crazy. And I do not see myself. I think I do not have the stomach or liver or heart.

— Which patients remember the most?

— One day I came to a couple who could not conceive. Could not identify the cause of a lot of years. I looked the man turned out he had a wholly sperm immobility due to an impact with a blunt object in the groin area. I gave him a treatment, and soon they had a son.

In 80 years at the Institute of Traumatology, I met with a woman. She lay motionless. We talked. It turned out, beat her husband suffered a rupture of the seventh cervical vertebra. And now she has to spend rest of his life in bed. I watched it. I look, and her pinched nerve, there is no gap. Advised her to a good massage therapist. Six weeks later she was sitting, and six months later she was discharged. It was the poet Nadezhda stashevsky. In Soviet times, doctors often mistaken diagnosis.

For example, my friend Galina Radenko, pediatrician from Makeyevka, diagnosis — cancer of the stomach. After my scan revealed that she had diaphragmatic hernia, which causes terrible stomach pains. It operated. '24 Passed since then. She is alive and well.

— Across the country, people are often held gatherings-X. You had at least one?

— No, I never went. And why? Now Russian newspapers write a lot about the 12-year-old girl from Mordovia, people are being diagnosed. But for this it is necessary to get a medical education. For many years I gave that to fully explore the human anatomy. One day, the girl came to the famous footballer. "What my knee hurt?" — He said. "Right," — said the girl without hesitation. The man walked away. He was not injured knees. But recently, this little girl and her mother presented apartment in Moscow, was assigned to them personally subservient, and after receiving a 12-year-old child takes 50 thousand rubles. I'm back in Soviet times begged to give me a room in the capital. I even drove to Chertanovsky street, showed the expected flat promised paperwork. But more than talk is not gone … And ask insist I can not.

Donetsk — Moscow.

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