Do I have to undress at the beach?


Nudists believe that the naked swim useful. In their view, nudity helps get rid of excess facilities, as well as microbes that in wet swimming trunks feel "at home". Proponents of swimwear, in turn, are sure to save yourself from skin cancer. Such an argument about the benefits of nudism has been going on for decades, and each of the parties in their own right.


No one disputes that the man was born naked. There is a dispute about whether he should be naked, and then — in the course of his life, or should still cover clothes at least some places. According to the nudists, the main charm of nudity — is a psychological comfort. Nudism supposedly allows you to "get in tune with nature", to learn to feel your body and to fully enjoy it.

In addition to the psychological, from the heats suffering and physical health. What exactly is harmful clothes, began to find in France 100 years ago, and continue such studies so far. According to naturists, wet bathing suit — a near perfect "shelter" for bacteria and fungi. Especially dangerous if wet swimming trunks for a long time remain in the body — in this time, as it is written on some nudist sites, they have time to warm up. A high temperature is known to be harmful to male reproductive health.

In fairness, we note that for the prevention of genital infections, it is not necessarily throw out underwear or bathing suit— Enough to observe basic hygiene rules. A man's sperm to overheat with the heats not easy.

C other hand, smelting and bra to protect from the sun rather delicate skin of genitals and breasts. So that would not say nudists, with tan naked likelihood of skin cancer is increased, and with a bathing suit — is reduced.


If you are not ready to undress completely, but traditional bathing suit You already do not like — you can only get rid of the top. Bathing "topless" has become a tradition in Western Europe and more popular in our country. Proponents of "undressing" talking about the same psychological comfort as nudists, while opponents believe that exposure to sunlight can lead to cancer of the breast.

According sponge, ultraviolet radiation does not act directly on the breast. Therefore, tan and malignant breast tumors unrelated. Another thing is that in a sun heated cancer that may trigger the development of cancer in women with mastopathy or benign tumor.

Regarding such as sunburn, the breast is usually less open than the other parts of the body and on the skin it is more vulnerable to sunburn, and therefore — to the development of melanoma.

Therefore, before a woman decides to go to the beach "topless", she should see a doctor — mammologa and tested for breast diseases: cysts, fibrosis or adenosis, fibrocystic breast disease, fibroadenoma, and others. We must remember that these diseases are dangerous for those who are used to visit a solarium.

Traditional swimsuit

Bathing suits — this is by far the most usual beachwear. On the one hand — most of them in the body tans, withother— Are protected by the most sensitive parts of it. I have a bathing suit and a cosmetic function: many surgeons hide the scars from cesarean section, appendectomy, and other operations for the bikini line.

With an injury from a bathing suit, which they say nudists usually can handle observance of simple rules of hygiene. Nor should it be forgotten that swimsuit should be comfortable — never to press and rub. Doing so can cause reproductive problems.

On the beach dressed

Of course, on a sunny day at the beach can be reached by fully clothed at all. In this case, however, the body is deprived of adequate ventilation, and possible heat stroke. Perspiring body literally "attracts" microbes and small wind can lead to colds.

So, a consensus on the issue of "what is going to the beach" in the near future is foreseen. And guided, perhaps, should only their own feelings: all the clothes are good, choose the flavor.


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