Do not believe in aliens, and in the mind




"This picture of the alien" by Philip Cleary was shaped cheating … Photo by Alexey Voronin
Arrived in Vladivostok NASA spokesman Philip Cleary told about the amazing 40-year partnership between Russia and the United States, joked, asking questions, showing unique pictures of outer space and even … Exclusive pictures of space alien

Olga Aleksutkina

May 12 at the library named. Gorky met a member of the U.S. National Space Agency of Philip Cleary with the students of the city. The main topic of conversation was the cooperation between Russia and America in space exploration. According to Cleary, this partnership simply unique. It began with intense competition, especially in the so-called "moon race" and eventually turned close friendly relations and successful joint development of new satellite technology.

…but all other materials — original and exclusive. Photo by Alexey Voronin
Cleary told about joint projects in the field of space medicine, aeronautics, studying the world's oceans and Mars exploration. And the conversation was two-way: Cleary asked questions from the audience, and the English-speaking students are encouraged to respond to them. And for each correct answer Philip gave distinguished souvenirs.

When the conversation turned to extraterrestrial life forms, Philip explained that he would be happy to show this photo Vladivostoktsy stranger, but to do so he forbade the government. When all present fairly promised not to tell anyone about the image, Philip still dare: to the dismay of those present, the alien was three-eyed yellow cartoon man.

On his attitude toward extraterrestrial civilization NASA spokesman said:
— Do I believe in aliens? No, I do not think they are, and even more are in the famous area of 51. But if you ask if I believe in extraterrestrial intelligence exists, I will answer: Of course!


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