Dolphin helped save environmentalists flock of their relatives in Australia

By representatives of the Department of Environment (DEC) of Western Australia have rescued a pack of more than a hundred dolphins stranded in shallow water, with the help of one of these mammals, reported on its website DEC Western Australia.

February 2 DEC staff discovered that a flock of 100-150 species of dolphins Stenella attenuate, located next to the shallow waters off the southern coast of the state, which threatened the animals died. So one of them is the dolphin died. However, due to weather conditions environmentalists were able to start the rescue operation only on February 3. They are caught in a boat of one of the dolphins, the animal was taken from the shore, where it was released in the water.

"As soon as the young dolphin was transported and released into the water, he began to signal distress, calling pack. Dolphins to catch signals and swam to it. Last we saw — the animals swam in the sea," — are reported words of the head of the regional department DEC Atbera Deon (Deon Utber).

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