Doomsday in Ushakovo

December 14, 2012 19:11

Very interesting article Kursk ufologist-Eniology Nikolai Borisov in Kursk Pravda of February 13, 2004. Here are completely unchanged.

What was left of the crater in the village Ushakovo Fatezhskogo area Kursk area. Photo:

In the last years of our press, radio and TV, we get a frightening information about different terrestrial cataclysms. Meanwhile, the conditions for the emergence of anomalies associated with underground electricity, there are in our area.

In winter 1999 the villagers Ushakovo Fatezhskogo area several times been an unusual test of the Mother Nature. The impression that the trial could end apocalypse. The first happened at the end of February. In the evening on the horizon were two thunderstorms clouds, following towards each other in the south-west. Over the village terrible storm broke out. Lightning unprecedented power came one after the other. The whole sky was lit continuously flashes of lightning. Residents were so scared that the village was a rumor of the occurrence of an "atomic doomsday" frightened old woman hid in a neighbor's house, thinking that collectively die is not so bad. They can be understood. Even in Gidrometeobyuro later confirmed that storm was so strong that she found no parallel in the entire observation period in Kursk.

A few days after the terrible thunderstorms began unusually heavy snowfall. It seemed that the very clouds of heaven fell to the ground. A few minutes per person pours heavy snow cap. Older people said that such a heavy snow they've ever seen in my life. The next day after, March 5, 1999, came the warm spring day. Brooks ran through the streets. The joyful and calm village residents poured into the streets to take the houses melted water.

Suddenly, at 2 pm from the pond there was a terrible roar of power. The earth shook like an earthquake. Sitting on a frozen pond in the 70 meters from the blast visiting anglers as the wind blew. Several rural veteran is 100 meters from the explosion. Old woman immediately fled, but the men remained. They, like many residents of the village, we saw that on the opposite slope of the ravine, located near the pond in the air to a height of about 10 meters column of fire shot up with lumps of frozen earth. Molten rock particles reached the pond and fell hissing on the ice.

When a portion of the land up in the air down from the crater was a terrible sound of bubbling and hissing escaping gases to the surface. Then he shot up with the noise of the water column, covered with foam, as the boiling milk. The resulting geyser of hot water and steam gush hour and a half. Pouring down the slope flow of water formed in the frozen ground gully width of 1 meter and a depth of about one meter to hit the pool, and began melting the ice and sucked all the steam. Thick ice in a pond near the explosion melted. Fused at high temperature fine rock particles left in the ice deepening up to 5 inches and a depth of 4-7 cm Here is all the inhabitants of the village was scared and they instantly left the street. But one of them, a former participant in the war, hiding behind the trees near the pool, and when I started gushing geyser, ran into the house to tell his wife about what was going on.

Two hours later, a second explosion rocked from its epicenter was thrown into the air fountain of mud, and then steam and odorless. There is already the villagers finally decided that opened up the earth and began to an end. The next day there were no explosions, but within the solid earth was such a strong buzz that the earth trembled under their feet, and the glass in the windows, even located a kilometer away from the pond, strongly vibrated and rang.

Arrived five days later (March 10), the Kursk defense and emergency rescue workers determined the depth of the crater, which is 6 meters, and its size: 13 x 8 meters. Release of soil side of the pond was 300 — 400 tons, far more ground after an explosion sank back into the funnel .. Radiation survey showed that the level of gamma radiation in the funnel was raised (in newspapers reported — 20 mR / hr, which is two times higher than the natural background level for the area). In soil samples nothing abnormal and no metal fragments were found. Measurements showed the crater formed from the hopper to the pond ditch depth of 1 meter and a length of 55 meters, washed with hot water in the frozen ground.

Public University Valeology interested events Ushakov. The head of the University of S. Emelyanov asked his students in meditation contact information field of the earth and see what was going on. Was obtained by the generalized collective response that the explosions and the release of hot water associated with the crack in the earth, and that the events could happen again. I was present in the classroom as an expert on eniology. Biosensorometricheskie studies have shown that the explosions to occur in the near future, until about May, when the time will the linear arrangement of the planets and possible strong gravitational perturbations in the Earth's crust. The approximate direction of the explosions indicated to the Soviet area, that is, in the direction of the line of separation between cloud commemorative Rain.

A few days passed. March 18 emergency services received a new message from Fatezhskogo and Oktyabrsky districts of eight new explosions. "The Movement" in the world's "dragon" in Fatezhskom area continued in a straight line. His seven "O" on the Earth's surface located at a distance of 5-7 kilometers away from each other and from the crater of the first explosion. Eighth blast occurred about 20 kilometers from the power plant in the village Lobazovka, located 50 kilometers from Ushakov. Size of the crater in the gully Lobazovki reached 40 meters, depth of 8 meters, the length of a collapse with the release of soil was 120 meters (according to the correspondent of the "unknown world" V.. A.. Kosinova, the size of the crater about 100 x 80 meters and a depth of 15 meters ) and casting distance of soil and ice — up to 12 meters. The size of the craters in the area were Fatezhskom 15 x 5 meters, their depth — 3 meters. Questioning people about the possible presence of explosive remnants of war, gave negative results. Mine detectors single piece of metal was found.

Media reports that it was a landslide soil, meteorites and many other stunning versions, up to test the U.S. or our super secret weapons or tricks aliens. I met with Kurdish fishermen witnessed the first explosion. They reported that more than 5 years old go to the pond. During this time, several times observed a strange phenomenon: suddenly near the edge of the pond there is a small height, but large-diameter water fountain, the water in the pond is strongly raged for half an hour and was getting red. The water temperature at this time no one checked — thought it broke another powerful spring, the aquifer was located among the iron oxides.

On May 29, 1999 in the expedition of ufologists "Kosmopoisk." They concluded that the main reason is the course of events Ushakovskoe internal Earth processes. Perhaps, in the land under the river beds is Precambrian rift. Collected at the site of the explosion melted rock particles showed that the explosion was accompanied by a temperature above a thousand degrees.

As explosions accompanied by bright flashes, Kursk ufologists believe that such phenomena are associated with the release of geothermal plasmoids. Plasmoids — it vnutrizemnye fireballs that have huge electrical charge and heat. They may be attracted energy-intensive equipment, and even cause it to evaporation. Moving through the channel inside the Earth, plasmoid produces melting and destruction of the surrounding rocks. If on its way to meet the rocks containing graphite or charcoal, may form diamonds. Breaking the surface of the Earth, plasmoids explode, causing massive emissions of land and melted ice. After each shot thrown up more than half of the land falls into the funnel. Gradually, a crack in the Earth's crust is filled rocks. After a while, through the rock to crack again seeping water, and are re-emission of plasmoids. These releases are available on the entire line of geotectonic faults in the crust as long as the crack does not zatamponiruetsya rocks.

In this place there is a crack in the earth's crust (geoactive fault). Spring water seeped into the crack and put on a powerful electric shock, resulting in the bowels of the earth from the natural earth magnetic-hydrodynamic (MHD) generator. Fuse explosions was the instant evaporation of water, which created a lot of pressure and steam breakthrough to the surface of the Earth with a powerful explosion and the huge carbon soil. At the same time, a steam explosion tore off the energy of the discharge plasma bunch and threw it to the surface of the Earth.

What happened to the third explosion? Another plasmoid, coming to the ground, got into the aquifer. Evaporation occurred, creating a huge pressure in the aquifer caused a small earthquake and fades powerful vibrations of the earth. It is possible that the flow of water broke through the bottom of the pond and dumped its water emerged from the pressure of the plasmoid. With such a natural phenomenon repeatedly met fishermen, when observed at the pond fountains of colored water. In this case, raskontsentrirovavshiysya plasmoid created high pressure in the aquifer, resulting in the release of water through the sedimentary rocks of the pond bottom. With these micro-earthquakes, scientists often face, but clear explanation what is happening yet. there is only version. But they are able to explain a lot of mysterious accidents.

For example, ufologists believe that trades in late 1970 in the Bermuda Triangle Soviet whaler KK O065 was the "Flying Dutchman", ran into a seismotectonic process. At the end of the 30-man crew who were on deck were thrown gravipotokom huge force in the ocean. Obviously, the sailors lost consciousness and drowned. In living alone watch sailor. The vessel is "full steam ahead" with the engine running, continued his move. And Morflot for 30 years pondering what happened to the Whalers. And this case is not unique.

Former sailor Aleksei Lucin, a resident of Moscow, said: "One day in the late 70's we went to the Indian Ocean, from Odessa in Singapore. The weather was good. Suddenly helmsman "played Look out." Running out on the deck, we saw ahead, straight ahead, a few kilometers from us reared ocean. Formed a tall column of water, and around-wave above the ship! I had to swim during storms, even when he served in the Navy, and went this route many times, but this is the first time I saw! The captain gave the order to change course and avoid a dangerous place, which took a half-day course. "

Such an event is called the natural and man-made. They are the primary cause of geophysical processes, not always understood by us, and sometimes regarded as the "explosion." It is highly amusing to observe the work of a large commission to investigate the causes of "Sasovskoye Bang" April 12, 1991 in the Ryazan region. Double deep seismotectonic blow, anticipates a minute rumble, vibration, illumination, formed a huge crater in the field, throwing about three thousand tons of earth. Animals woke their owners, five minutes before the "end of the world", and radio in those moments was completely broken and restored after the "explosion." American satellites recorded the phenomenon, and the Pentagon decided that "Russian experience a new weapon."

In the direction of the fault in Sasovo observed rupture of communications. Machine Tool Factory, located at the other end of the city, but on the same fault, also suffered. Because of tectonic shifts its walls were vertical and horizontal gap. Scientists caution that the factory is located in geo-active zone, confirmed in late 1992, when the new tectonic excitement already in the area of the plant, we recorded instrumentally caused severe destruction and ignited oil vapors in the huge oil reservoir. And at the end of June of the same year, six kilometers from Sasova formed another funnel with a similar "explosion."

Kursk Oblast is located in hilly terrain Upland. The origin of the hills due to the deformation of the earth's crust, which caved to pressure scalable multi-kilometer thick ice during the great glaciations, then straightened after moving and melting glaciers. As a result of the deformation in the crystalline basement crust formed geotectonic numerous cracks and fissures closed above kilometers of rock.

In 1980, during the construction of the Kursk nuclear power plant, the head of one of the tour told me that after the construction of two nuclear reactors focus of huge masses of concrete and metal at the construction site and the filling of the reservoir caused a drawdown of the crystalline basement in the area of construction. Commissioned by designers from the space station measurements were performed subsidence of the site. They have been very frightening. According to geophysicists, it can cause cracks in the earth's crust.

Perhaps the appearance in our area in March 1999 of huge craters from explosions due to the growth of cracks in the crust of the congestion of the site plant and reservoir. Moreover, the vector of the geological stress is on the location of the line of craters near the plant. It is known that the planets in the solar system since 1999, began to approach their linear arrangement on one side of the sun. From 5 to 18 March 1999 the gravitational effect on the Earth's crust from the planets reached a critical value (it is known that only one moon causes tides terrestrial crust by 28 cm). This caused a shifting of tectonic plates. There has been a shift of the local board in the fault of the crystalline basement and geotectonic crack for 10 days were released 10 plasmoids. Ask 10 huge craters with the release of land from 300 to 5,000 tons of each funnel.

Perhaps, like plasmoids were shot ferry "Estonia" and the submarine "Kursk", as well as the reactor of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Geophysicists know that the Chernobyl nuclear power plant was built on the site of conjugation of five powerful faults in the crust. Studies have shown that prior to the explosion of the reactor from the bowels of the Earth was released several high plasmoids. They were accompanied by a blinding flash and a powerful explosion, which mistakenly taken for a hydrogen explosion in the fuel channels.

A few years ago I applied to geological expedition to A. Kazantsev about cracks in the earth's crust and Fatezhskom Zolotukhinsky area. We came to the conclusion that a lot of cracks, but where they occur is hard to say.

Nikolai Borisov, Eniology

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