Doubles from astral

January 20, 2013 22:26

Doubles and ghosts of the living and the dead creatures are fairly common. But magicians, parapsychologists and those who are familiar with the phenomena of occultism know that you can create a phantom and artificially, by choice. Besides, there are many examples.

Magical twins

There is a psychic practice with which you can consciously "split apart." Usually it is associated with meditation exercises.

Its use in the schools of yoga, in the esoteric centers, religious societies.

Good command of this technique, Tibetan lamas, Buddhist monks, some Islamic Sufis. Specifically to "go out into the astral plane," people could since ancient times.

Thus, the ancient Egyptian nobleman Bazilid wishing to attend the ritual in the temple, while he could not come to Alexandria because of illness, sent in his place ethereal counterpart, who is in the temple was the Roman emperor Vespasian. This case describes a prominent Roman historian Cornelius Tacitus (55-120 years. BC). Creating twins usually managed and dedicated to secret religious ceremonies — mysteries.

St. Anthony of Padua, who lived in the XIII century, one day, while reading a mass at the Cathedral of St. Pierre du Kveyrua in Limoges, I could see that at the same time reading it in the cathedral of another city. The same thing happened with the Roman Saints Ambrose and Clement.

But in the twentieth century monk Pius from Apulia (Italy) in the astral body visited needed his help patients who are at a considerable distance from it.

Not once used the services of a phantom twin and the famous Giuseppe Balsamo, aka Count Cagliostro. Counterpart appeared among the people, without prompting them to suspicion. Subsequently, however, it turned out that the graph seen in several places.

Contemporary of Cagliostro — a Pinetti, known as a skilled magicians, played at the courts of European monarchs. Russian Emperor Paul I in 1800, subjected to the test: he appointed to come to his office for a fee, with the protection was ordered not to let anyone into the palace.

At the appointed time the emperor was informed that Pinetti from home did not leave. But at this moment the door opened, and the magician himself entered the office. Protection also vowed that by her no man went … On the eve of his departure from Petersburg Pinetti advised that at noon will pass through all fifteen urban outposts. Indeed: in the afternoon he was seen in each of the gates, and everywhere he is registered with a passport!

On a similar incident reported American writer Theodore Dreiser. A friend promised to pay him a visit "is not the usual way." The same evening, the man was indeed appeared before him. But it was enough to get closer Dreiser as a guest … melted in the air! French traveler PD Geso, in 1950, visited Guinea, witnessed the split wizard UAS.

He slept in a hut in front of him, while Geso saw him standing in the doorway of a hut. UAS in the morning confirmed that night, "exit" from the hut. To go where he wanted, he did not have to move your physical body …

The art of creating the twins always possessed shamans of Siberia. It is said that the Yakut shaman Kychakan, pursued by the authorities, was simultaneously in seven places. They could not arrest him, because no one knew where the same real Kychakan.

The famous traveler Alexandra David-Neel in Tibet have repeatedly come across this phenomenon. Familiar Lama several times sent her his ghostly double, and it did not even occur to you that before it — the phantom. Once she saw the lama, sitting on a folding chair in her tent, but when approached him, that enveloped the haze, and he disappeared. Another time, Alexander met him on a deserted road, and they had a long conversation with each other, and then Lama suddenly disappeared right before our eyes.

Molded out of ideas

One of the most puzzling anomalies — materialization. It is about creating tangible objects and even living organisms from some invisible substance that surrounds us. According to parapsychologists, some types of ghosts, too, can be the result of materialization.

A living being is capable, under certain conditions emit elementary physical particles, then connecting with each other and form the structure of the material out of the body of the creature. Usually this structure is unstable and quickly "crumbles." But the particles remain hover in space and after the death of the physical body.

Having mastered the magical practices, a person can give to His created phantom any desired traits. Perhaps mediums who claim to communicate with the spirits of the dead, in fact, come into contact with their own "thinking process."

For example, nothing had materialized known sensitives Schneider brothers of Braunau am Inn on. The family Shneiderov addicted spiritualism. The house had a special tripod for "automatic writing," that is for writing messages of "spirits" by the subconscious "dictation." Once, when one of the brothers, Willie, brought his hand to this tripod, it suddenly began to move the rod and wrote the name "Olga". From further phrases, it became clear that Olga — is Lola Montez, mistress of King Ludwig of Bavaria.

Since then, the spirit of Olga was constantly "in contact" with Willy Schneider. On sessions Olga move objects and people concerned. One witness described how one day he saw a tiny woman's session handle, shown lying on a chair from under the covers. He wanted to grab her, but it has hit something. A similar thing happened with his brother Willy Schneider, Rudolf.

Already mentioned Alexandra David-Neel in a book about his journey wrote that Tibetan mages can create not only twins, but also things called "Tulp". "Tulp" give any characteristics — according to their "boss." Some of them are quite sound like real people.

Usually "Tulp" perform various missions and assignments of their creators. But sometimes these phantom being out of control and begin to live their own lives, often turning into evil monsters that can even harm a person. In this case, the magician seeks to destroy his creation, and it is — it. If "Tulp" outlive his "master", it can also be dangerous. Before his death, the magician must get rid of the phantom.

David-Neel by magical rituals managed to create their own "Tulp" — thick hearted monk. But soon face the monk began to change, his features pinched, they appeared cunning and malice. Phantom began to behave aggressively. Saw him and others, many took him for a creature of flesh and blood. Only six months later Alexander was able to completely destroy his creation.

Today, the group members of the Society for Psychical Research in Toronto also managed to create an artificial ghost. Together they "developed" image English nobleman named Philip, who lived in the eighteenth century. In 1973, Philip the first time "on the phone." During a seance clearly overheard knocks. With their help, the Toronto researchers have dialogue with Philip. The "ghost" to move objects, once even turned the table. Observers, no matter how hard we try, could not find any trace of a hoax.

Virtual or real?

And there is strong evidence that the mind can revive even … literary figures. After all, their images — it is nothing like the information that can materialize.

One such case occurred in London. Dutch tourists met on Baker Street, a tall thin man in old-fashioned clothes. Looking closely, they found that they face a replica of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes, as he is depicted in portraits and in the movies. Tourists think that this actor, disguised under the literary hero. But here in front of them, "Holmes" went through a brick wall and was gone! Subsequently, a professor of psychology A.Sanderson commented on the incident as a "collective hallucination." But it appears that the spectral figure of the detective saw on Baker Street and others.

An amazing event took place in the vicinity of Ussuriysk. The teacher took the class to the cinema in the movie "White Bim — Black Ear", which made a lasting impression on the children.

Soon the guys went to the hike. And at night the fire came from somewhere a dog, like two peas similar to the White Beam from the movie! The children ran after the dog a treat. One boy lit the place where he was "Bim", a lantern, and the teacher was surprised to see that the animal somehow casts no shadow.

Pupils meanwhile began to persuade "Beam" to come closer, but he did not budge. Then the guys started to apply it in a bowl of food. Suddenly the animal in front of everyone, and finally began to melt as it disappeared into thin air.

Fictional saviors

The mechanism of "mysletvorchestva" — a delicate matter. In the truest sense of the word — we do not know how to "work" laws of the subtle world. Sometimes, the appearance of phantoms provoke some extreme situation. We call saviors, they come out of the blue for us, and at first glance quite material.

Helen, an accountant by profession, often had to go back home late. Normally it would take with him to work the dog. But then one winter decided that gets to the house alone. At the corner near her house was a man. Seeing Helen, he slowly approached her, intending apparently to block his path.

From the fear of a woman pretending to be calling the dog began to shout: "Come here, come here," The stranger immediately turned around and went his way. Then Helen found that next to her is a big red dog. Her here before she had never seen. The animal was staring at the woman. "Are you going with me? — Exclaimed Helen. — I did not ask! "Turning away, she took a few steps, looked back — the dog was gone. Most likely, this was the product of the essence of consciousness frightened women, which then itself as it away.

Probably some fictional creation over time become more and more real, getting into our busy world. No wonder the saying goes, a word spoken is past recalling.

The idea — the same word, but unspoken. But any word necessarily preceded by thought. So that different monsters and "flying saucers" can literally be a figment of our imagination. What effect this will lead in the future — is unpredictable …

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