Drought in the United States decide to using genetic engineering

Farmers central United States are suffering from the most severe drought in recent years. Experts predict that in the future droughts will occur more frequently and become more intense, according NTstudiya. One company believes that the way out of the situation they have found.

Bruce Trautmena field near Sutton, Neb., got about a third of the annual precipitation. But Trautmen — one of about 250 farmers, who have a new variety of corn — genetically modified. He can endure drought better than conventional maize.

Seeds they purchased in "Monstanto" that genetically modified corn. This gene is found in bacteria that live in the soil. It helps the bacteria survive in the struggle with stress — According to the company. Under normal conditions the tape of a chemical mechanism provides information cell. At the expense of corn growing. Under conditions of stress, this tape is tangled and the system stops working. If you add this gene, the tape remains intact and the cells operate without failure. But while "Monsanto" calls not to hurry to rejoice.

Critics such as Doug Gurian-Sherman of the Council of Concerned Scientists treat it with caution. He says that in the strictest drought modified gene will not help much. Some of the neighbors Trautmena yet received less rain. Scientists doubt that the gene of the soil bacterium would have saved their corn. He notes that the usual methods of breeding varieties and care of the soil may also increase the stability of maize to drought, but without all the contentious issues raised by genetic engineering.

Gurian-Sherman said that he had no reason to doubt the safety of the use of corn, but it must go through a very rigorous tests. The representative of "Monsanto", said that all the tests they have already passed. But he also agrees that conventional breeding still remains very important.

Source: ntstudio.ru

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