Due to land subsidence in Shanghai one metro will be closed for repair

At the station, the fourth line Haylunlu Shanghai Metro discovered differential settlements in some parts of the earth, making this plant will be closed over the weekend for the upcoming Spring Festival overhaul.

As the representative of the Shanghai subway, as planned maintenance work on Metro will begin on January 22 at the end of the last movement of the train, they will be conducted around the clock and will end on January 28.

During the repair works Haylunlu station will be closed to the passengers, but the metro line will continue to operate, the train will pass through this station without stopping.

According to experts, the main cause of land subsidence subway station is the fact that the city itself is located on Shanghai soft soil, so the foundations of buildings is susceptible to differential subsidence. In this regard, on the lines of the urban underground installed over 200 thousand devices for strict monitoring of the land subsidenceSource: the-day-x.ru

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